How can we sing the main song on a strange land?

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The beginning of Psalm 137 also constitutes the most painful lament in the Bible.

The Jews in exile – now the captives of Babylon – recalled their lives in Zion with tears. Far from the sublime country, they are now being captured and forced to sing their sacred songs for the ungodly. But being ridiculed by their conquerors and understanding their sins, the voters will ask: "How can we sing the song of the Lord on unfamiliar land?"

In the context of their being bound and wounded, they have to sing their God's loyalty to the cruel persecutors, which seems to be the followers of the Lord, their ultimate inconsistency, the worst forms of jealousy, beyond the flesh. Torture.

Our withdrawal can come from any direction. Disease, death, occupational crisis, family conflict. Even beyond these events that change lives, we often feel a sense of "disengagement." Between our days and the deepest wishes. This is enough to make our harp loose.

Our song is silent.

At these times, it is easy for people to think of art – no matter what form – as meaningless. It is easy to think that sorrow can eliminate the life of any creative impulse.

However, the problem of tortured captives is itself a nameless song. For the oppressed, this is a consensus that goes beyond all comfort. Their memory of the loss of grace became their requirement for grace.

In the desolate, it is often the vision of another era, another place, another helps to maintain our feelings. They say that despair is a fatal failure of imagination. This is why art can be a credible vision of a better world in difficult times. It is understandable that the pure achievements of making or appreciating art give us reasons for hope. We are no longer staring at the void, but looking forward to staring at the fact that the facts are not implied. This redemptive power of art provides a new field for everyone.

This is not an escape from reality. This is precisely why the art of war not only captures the indescribable war horror, but also captures the victory of the human spirit in adversity. As the German artist Ghadricht said: "Art is the highest form of hope."

During the Second World War, the Nazis committed what the Babylonians did to their captives. They forced prisoners in concentration camps to sing or play their instruments to entertain guards or as mocking unscrupulous attempts. But in addition to the occasion they were forced to make music, prison inmates also created and played music. This includes everything from the simplest forms of music production – whistling or humming – to organized group singing and informal concerts. A provocative last position ' against fear, pain and death.

In addition to helping us cope with life-threatening situations such as war and natural disasters, art also helps prevent depression, aging and chronic diseases. Painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama, photography, design, literature… Any art form can help with the loss of identity caused by physical or mental decline. Art can not only enrich the day, but also stimulate ideas and help individuals reconnect with the outside world. This is because art can bypass traditional barriers to express and communicate. It helps foster community awareness as a powerful antidote to isolation and alienation, and it can often kill the lives of people who struggle with humans.

Of course, even artists will think that art alone is not enough. However, as a tool to develop a more affluent inner life, it maintains us in desperation, and it is overrated. Because art is the arousal of the spirit of possibility. This is a silent song when the horizon is dimmed. This bridge can take us home #39; even if we roam the strange land.

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