How do homeowners accurately compare bids for custom building construction and renovation?

Before proceeding with the construction project, the homeowner is accustomed to hearing "get at least 3 bids." This is a good suggestion and get recommendations from friends and family. They are only useful if they come from comparable companies and their structure allows them to be compared accurately. Many owners, even some architects, did not complete the details of the project very well.

The most important requirement is a complete set of plans and specifications. If all the content about the project is not clearly stated, each bidder will make different assumptions – about fixtures, equipment, decoration, etc. – that lead to widely disaggregated bids. And because each bidder's assumptions may be different from the buyer, the conflict phase is set during the project. The way to make everyone's bids more productive is to eliminate assumptions and provide each bidder with a legitimate chance of success.

1] Buyers should interview three to five builders to see what they want to work with. If the buyer is working with an architect, the architect may have a list of builders that look great for the project. The buyer may also wish to call each of the builder's previous customers for reference.

2] Buyers should invite two or three builders to submit bills. Please note that bidders may want to know their bidding target. For example, a mature professional company may choose not to compete with low-key, small, less professional clothing.

3] Provide each builder with detailed plans and specifications as much as possible – including those necessary for accurate bidding. It also allows builders to find differences, incomplete projects and other issues. The plan is rarely perfect, so a good architect should welcome such feedback and be willing to make any necessary changes. This will bring a more accurate budget to the project.

4] Buyers and architects should also strive to eliminate as many assumptions as possible. Quotas are a good example: if buyers have studied kitchen cabinets and determined that their quality level will cost $40,000, they need to tell bidders to use this number.

5] Your new construction project or renovation project is a huge investment. Please ensure that the surface protection means that your interior decoration will maintain a new look through construction.

6] Set a deadline for all parties: Custom residential projects usually take three to four weeks.

The bid should include the budget and estimated completion date. It should also include the policies and costs of each builder, including any administrative costs, to allow for changes to be made after the project has been carried out. Before making the final choice, the buyer and the architect should meet with each builder to review the bid, ask questions and confirm the numbers. After all, it doesn't matter if anyone excludes a qualified candidate or eventually encounters a problem, because the bid has a mathematical error.

Custom home builders say that at least 20% of the plans they see are designed for the customer's budget. Another reason for working with reputable builders is that they may be involved in home design from the start, even if they may not have a minimum bid.

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