How do some venture capitalists try to blind you?

2019-06-04 Business No comment

Investors may be the only best way to buy corporate finance.

Not a bank.

Not a family member.

Absolutely not a loan from other non-banking organizations.

However, some of the things I have heard recently have made me think twice before, exactly what kind of investor financing.

You see, although real investor financing means you don't have to pay any interest [after all, they are investing, not borrowing money], not all investors use the same thing.

In this case, I learned a dirty little trick, and many more “unscrupulous” venture capital firms will play a role in people. When you ask for money, this is "stringing you up."

In other words, they will always say that you will get the money you need next month or next week or at any time.

But in fact, they don't intend to give you anything before the last minute.


Because, as any scammer knows, when it comes to giving money to others, the longer they wait to give you… the more desperate you will be.

The more desperate you are, the more they will reply to you.

In the case of venture capital firms, they usually get more stock for their money [and thus control your company].

This is a terrible thing for them. But many venture capital firms do this, so if you use it, you should be careful.

But in fact, this should not be a problem for 99% of people who buy a business.

Because if you buy a small business, venture capitalists generally do not bother you [this is the "angel investor" involved].

If you are buying a bigger business [value, for example, $5, $10, $15 million or more], then there are a lot of private investors – they have more money to spend money – who will give you something Financing if you are what makes sense to them.

In any case, keep this in mind when considering how to finance a business you want to buy, especially if you don't want to use a bank or other creditor.

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