How does reshaping help you regain independence at home?

Universal design is a new and reliable example of “accessibility” or “accessibility design”. This is a design focus that describes the design and construction of a home to meet the physical needs of its owners today and in the future. However, generic design and new home construction are not mutually exclusive terms. Some of the industry's most powerful universal design advocates say they are inspired by their personal experiences in dealing with life-changing disabilities or customers with special needs; many customers are eager to stay in their homes!

Let us tell you a few people about how universal design is designed! Of course, the commonly used term "aging in place" is easily understood as an aging adult, and changing ability requires changing the environment. Many people who wish to stay at home after retirement are planning to adapt to their homes in the next few years.

This mature part accounts for a very large part of the people who benefit from universal design. In 2008, the US Bureau of Ageing concluded that one in eight Americans was 65 years of age or older. By 2030, the statistics will jump to 1/5! The agency took the study one step further and asked how many of these adults wanted to stay at home when they were old. The number of people who plan to stay in existing homes after retirement is staggering by 90%; 50% of these people plan to renovate their homes to meet their future needs. Therefore, I think we have mastered the fact that the aging of our country is rapidly recognizing that universal design and certification of ageing experts will be the best way to be an elegant age in their family's warm home!

But who else needs this accessible design? do you know? People over the age of 11 who are over 11 years old need help to complete the daily activities around the house; and 10 million people aged 15 and over need a wheelchair or a walker. Universal design can help millions of Americans just make their home a friendly place for them to complete basic tasks. This demand may not even be permanent! Many people quickly understood the need for this design after the injury. Planning ahead can make life easier, but even making adjustments after an injury can bring amazing benefits.

Another group of growing beneficiaries of universal design is veterans. Whether they are injured veterans from the current war, returning home to find new mobility and independence challenges, or older veterans who have been injured in our past wars will still cause them pain and inconvenience. The team has the ability to accept the help of the Veterans Administration to transform their families to meet their needs.

Finally, we want to introduce you to the term "accessibility." Accessible accommodation is an accessible design guide for families and friends who want to make it accessible to everyone from their home. The recession has pushed the market for accessible accommodation, with multiple generations temporarily living under one roof, or family and friends consolidating housing. I hope this will give you a better understanding of the many reasons to consider universal design when starting any retrofit project.

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