How indigenous art affects national development

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Ghana’s indigenous art plays an important role in the development of the country. Their role will be discussed below.

• Create employment/employment:

Native art provides a variety of employment paths for most people, especially the rural population. This helps them provide pensions for themselves and their families, thereby reducing unemployment in the country and alleviating the government's unemployment burden.

• Reduce urban and rural migration:

Most of the country’s indigenous art is done by small villages and rural people in towns and villages. Because they provide employment opportunities for the general public there, it prevents them from moving to urban centers to seek greener pastures, putting a lot of pressure on the allocation of limited resources and social facilities to cities in urban areas.

• National income sources:

Small-scale and family handicrafts in various indigenous art productions pay taxes to the government. The funds generated by these taxes can be used by the government to solve some related problems facing the country.

• Provide training in the form of apprenticeship training:

The Native Art Production Center provides training for young people in society in the form of apprenticeships. These young people may not have the privilege of formal education and may eventually become socially biased. As the local industry absorbs these young people, it helps to minimize or eliminate social habits such as theft, alcoholism and other factors that are primarily unemployed.

• Promote tourism:

Local industry is a viable tourism industry that generates a lot of income for the country. These indigenous works of art are visited by tourists who pay a large amount of money from these buyers. Sometimes, some of their works are exported to other countries to earn income for artists and the country.

• As a means of cultural education:

Native art is like a “historical book” of our rich cultural heritage. It helps the younger generation understand the rich cultural traditions that their ancestors passed on to them. These art not only tell them their material culture, but also rich philosophy, belief systems and the lifestyles of their ancestors.

• Attract foreign investors:

The activities of various local small-scale industries have attracted the attention of foreign investors. Because the industry is very profitable, these foreign investors invest in their resources by providing durable raw materials, modern technology, and industry expansion of tools and machinery.

This has boosted the industry's activities and brought more income to workers and the country as a whole.

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