How long should you keep the truck?

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A decent truck care usually lasts longer than a truck that is not taken care of. How long do you think trucks will last without routine maintenance? What if all gearboxes, engines and some parts fail?

If the main components such as the engine fail, you should consider replacing the old truck with a new one. However, if certain truck components [such as axles or suspensions] fail, you only need to replace these truck components. As long as you provide regular service, the truck can be saved and in good condition, from point A to point B.

Depending on how you use it, a new truck should be available for about ten to twenty years. New transport trucks are usually accompanied by a service plan covering both primary and secondary truck services. If your engine fails, it means you have to change the engine [which may be as expensive as a new truck] or replace it with a new one. If the truck is still in good working order, only replace the truck parts that need to be replaced.

On the other hand, the longer you keep the truck, the lower its value. When you reach the value of the truck below its value, you should let go. In other words, if the truck causes more problems in engine failure and regular replacement parts, then investing in a new truck may be better. There is no doubt that new insurance, service plans, permits, labels and brands must now be completed. By investing in new trucks, especially long-distance driving, old trucks can now be used for short-distance delivery and pickup.

Keeping the truck as long as possible is the ideal choice if you can. It is also worth considering before the service plan expires, that is, trading your truck five years ago. Then consider buying a new car or a truck less than a year to continue to provide a service plan. This will keep your service costs to a minimum for five years. If you can get a better maintenance plan. This will cover any maintenance costs required and should include the cost of new truck parts.

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