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After reading the above title, you will think that I am teaching you how to make an illegal pirated copy of the software, this will be your forgiveness. Please be assured that I will not follow this route because this article is for reference only. As a programmer, I understand how software piracy hurts the company, so I don't recommend it. There are a lot of good software available for free download, especially if you don't need all the fancy features of expensive software. This article explains how people use retro computer pirated software such as Spectrum and Atari ST.

Spectra and commodities 64

Spectrum and C64 software appear on cassette tapes that are inserted into a data logger [or tape recorder] and can be loaded into memory by entering commands such as load "". These computers rely on a series of sound signals that don't sound pleasant because they are terrible sharp sounds. Usually you need to wait ten minutes [especially the Spectrum 128k game] to load it and it may crash, which means you have to re-adjust the volume and start over. In the case of low recording, the game box usually has a separate copy on the other side.

Most people can copy these games by using a hi-fi system with a dual cassette recorder. You can get the perfect copy by inserting the original game cassette into the first deck and pressing "Play", and inserting a blank cassette in the second deck and pressing "Play & Record". You can purchase a cartridge for saving data, such as C15, which allows you to record for up to 15 minutes. Some people will use the C90, which will allow them to store many games at once.

If you are unable to use the dual cassette recorder, you can use the software. On the spectrum, you can use something like "007Spy", which lets you load the entire game into memory and back it up to a blank tape. Some games have different loading methods, such as a pulse [or click] loader, which is the method used by many marine software games. This has led to the release of other software that can resolve these loaders. The average Spectrum game will consist of a small piece of code How People Used To Pirate Retro Software, a loading screen and main code. This is a standard loader and easy to copy.

When the Spectrum 128k+3 was released, it came with a built-in floppy drive. Since only so many games were released on the +3 disk, there are some ways to transfer them from tape to disk. The standard loader is simple. All you have to do is type merge "" into the editor code and save it to the +3 disk [save "a:program-name"]. Next, you load the load screen into memory [loading the Screen Name code 30000] and save it to the +3 disk. Finally, you will do the same with the main code and add the load command to the main header code.

For more complex loaders, use a program called "007 Trans-Master" to convert the files to a standard format to save them to +3 disks.


The advantage of Atari ST and Amiga computers is that you can master hundreds of free software without pirating commercial software. There are many PDLs [Public Domain Libraries] that distribute free software and distribution work at disk and postage prices. The actual software is free and covers everything from presentations to games, images to music files. There is also a shared software approach where you pay a small subscription fee to get an additional fee for the full version of the software and licensed software, where PDL will provide a small commission to the original contributor.

Atari ST software is usually copied using a dedicated disk replicator [such as "quick copy"], while Amiga uses the popular "X-Copy". However, some disks are protected, so you must use other, more powerful replication software.

Protection method

Software publishers have used many forms of production to prevent duplication, such as more complex loaders on Spectrum. Other methods require the user to enter words or letters in the manual before entering the game, or select a series of colors or symbols from their books to match the colors or symbols on the screen. Some games allow you to think that you have copied them until you have been playing for so long and notice some annoying surprises. For example, the game "Shadow of the Beast" reverses the screen.

This led to the rise of Cracking Groups, such as the famous "Pompey Pirates" on Atari ST, which invaded the game and removed copy protection. Then they will post some games [hacking and packaging] to a floppy disk and pass it on to various users.

in conclusion

The battle between software publishers and pirates is ongoing, and people always want free software. Old retro software can be downloaded for free on a variety of websites for those who want to die again, so there is almost no need to copy them from the original. I am not going to tell you how to copy the latest PC software. I only wrote this article to explain how people used to back up their software for the old system. I said that there are a lot of free and expensive software available for PCs, and I urge you to use it instead of resorting to piracy.

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