How the outsourcing team develops your business

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Have you ever thought of an outsourcing team to grow your business? I want to share with you the simple steps you can take to make your profits easier and economical.

Tim Ferris, who wrote the famous "4 hours work week", showed the world how to reduce work and earn more. The whole concept caught the attention of people and opened up the idea of ​​using virtual assistants in third world countries, which are well-educated and well-trained.

With the knowledge, some people can work for the third labor cost in their own country, then you will face the challenge of how to train them and what they can do. Now I will tell you how to do both. These ones.

The first thing to do:

Do you provide services or office services to your customers?

  • Bookkeeping
  • SEO
  • Website design
  • social media
  • Article writing
  • Amazon, Shopify or eBay store

All of these listed services can be outsourced, which is exciting and you will be able to expand your business, accept additional customers, and then outsource, which will increase your bottom line.

I personally saw that the outsourcing team grew from only one or two virtual assistants to the current 7-10 + VA team, which tells me that the business is expanding. One of our customers came to us with only one Shopify store, we helped them build and train customer service, and opened another five stores in six months!

Need to train employees

All businesses run differently, you won't find someone in the office saying that you are going to work now. That will make you fall into failure.

There is no limit to the online training you can easily set up. For example, you can schedule a webinar and share and record your training, or you can make a short video and end up with a well-written email.

Take the time to do the necessary training to give any new employee.

What about other businesses?

Small start-ups usually start with a lower budget and want to do it all, and don't misunderstand that my understanding is good, but I don't agree with what you need to do. If you look at the following "to do" task list in your business, you don't have any creation time to grow!

If you do it yourself like:

  • Bookkeeping
  • social media
  • Marketing
  • SEO on your website
  • General management task
  • Video editing
  • Blog promotion
  • customer service

Where can you get the time it takes to grow your business? Even if you work 15-16 hours, how do you do these tasks? You need to outsource and invest a dollar in your time. If your value exceeds $8.50 per hour, you should consider getting your own VA.

So, with it, the only way you can scale your business and increase productivity is to outsource and develop teams in your team.

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