How time blocks can help you in your internet marketing business

2019-06-08 Business No comment

Some of you are already using time blocks to make the most of your time, but some of you have never tried it before. In this article, I will discuss with you how time blocks can help you with your online marketing business.

Get the beat

When you get into a good rhythm, you will be able to do more work. The time block lets your brain know what you want to accomplish. When setting up a time block, you also need to set the action to be completed during that time period. This means that you will have a rhythm because your unconscious mind understands what you want it to do and it can work around you.

Let your brain take a break

When your brain knows that it only needs to start working in 90-minute increments, it will work for you. Even a 10 to 15 minute break allows you to take a quick break and then go back to 90 minutes.

Give yourself a deadline

The deadline is an effective way to get yourself into action so you know what you need to do. The deadline is like giving your brain a target and telling it that it must hit the target on this timeline, otherwise things will not go well. Although we may not like the deadline, they are important if we want to get the job done quickly.

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