How to copy the simple secrets of Wii games

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Very addictive, lots of fun, best done in a dark room. It sounds like something dirty, but it's a Wii fanatic world. Since Nintendo launched their Wii console, the game world has been reversed, and even core PlayStation fans like me are moving toward the lightweight aspect of video games.

If you are as passionate about Wii games as I am, then you may know how expensive this hobby is. In addition to the console, games and accessories can cost thousands of dollars. If you are a parent, you should be careful about what you release when you buy the first Wii game. There may be 10 or more Wii games at this time next year.

One of the most controversial issues with console games is the entire replication issue. This is legal, isn't it, should you not? This is a bit gray, because when you buy a game, you should have the right to make a backup. or not? Game makers are cracking down on the ongoing fight against piracy, which plunges the black market at below-cost prices, which is the problem.

When I buy a music CD, I immediately rip it to MP3 and convert it to an iPod. I want a CD because it's part of my collection and makes the original CD more valuable than just downloading it directly. This is more relevant with the Wii and other console games. Having the original "box" contains all the pamphlets, instructions and other cool things that gamers are looking for. Making a copy of the original Wii game is a smart move.

These games are very fragile and having to buy the same game twice is simply stupid. Small scratches can even cause irreparable damage to your Wii game disk when exposed to the sun. That's why I am a core supporter who supports all my games and keeps them safe. The game has a fun way to "walk" and borrow all your friends and family games before you know that half of it is collected elsewhere.

So how do you copy Wii games? There are many ways, and many forum discussions are continuing to discuss how to do this. The truth is, you don't need to split the console to make or play backup games. Be careful. Opening your console will automatically invalidate your warranty, and you may even damage your console during this process.

There are many packages there. Some are free and some are paid. They all have their faults and difficulties. Free is usually 3 or 4 different packages, you have to use them at different stages of the copy process, which can be a bit painful. In most cases, problems occur in some places during this process, and eventually a lot of time is wasted to rip a large number of files to the hard disk.

Paid software makes this process easier, and because the software is very cheap, it is worth investing. I have tested most of these packages and I have only found a very worthwhile package. It is the only integrated way to copy Wii games. Click and no guess, there is no need to pass the "unbreakable" copy protection.

Basically, all you have to do is strip the data from the disk, dump it to your computer's hard drive, and then use software to copy it back to the blank disk of your computer's DVD drive. The trick is to strip the data and copy it back so that your Wii console reads the disk as "raw."

That's it. You can use free software, but in my experience, it's not worth the time and effort. I have compiled a tutorial on my website that shows you how to copy Wii games. Don't break your console. Stay safe and stay legal, and the most important thing is to enjoy your Wii.

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