How to do upholstery cleaning – 5 DIY tips

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Does the sofa or sofa in your living room look dirty and worn? Can't buy new furniture because of insufficient budget? Why don't you try to clean the sofa yourself or hire a professional cleaner to work for you? Hiring a professional helps you to be much cheaper than you think. Even, DIY [do it yourself] upholstery cleaning can bring a smile – when you see the result of regular upholstery cleaning.

Here are some DIY tips for interior cleaning:

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Immediately absorb stains

Try not to let the stain have a chance to enter. If a leak occurs, action must be taken quickly. Wipe the liquid with a dry white drenched cloth or a white tissue. Touch, do not rub, otherwise the texture may be damaged. Starting from the outside of the spot to the middle to prevent the spread of stains. Smudge until it becomes completely wet. Use a newspaper to collect any semi-solid food spills.

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Vacuum furniture

You need to use the accessories that come with your vacuum cleaner to clean the upholstery. It will remove all loose dust particles, pet hair and different debris, which can make your furniture more dirty.

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Identify different types of stains

Food pellets, wine stains, soil, urine of children or pets, coffee stains and other different types of stains respond well to steam cleaning. More stubborn stains may require multiple cleanings. To remove oily or other hard-to-remove stains, you need to use a chemical cleaner.

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Reading furniture decorative label

Before using the upholstery cleaner on your furniture, check the mat for a fabric care label or orientation. These will explain to you which cleaning chemicals should be used and how to use them. If there is no label on the upholstery, you can search the manufacturer's instructions online. To test for damage and color fastness, you can use a chemical cleaner to inspect a small hidden area of ​​the fabric.

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Get steam cleaner on rent

Is it a good idea to buy or rent? If you don't plan to use a steam engine more than twice a year, then getting a cleaner rent is a better idea. Look for a steam cleaner with wheels that can be moved effortlessly. It should be light enough to go up the stairs. Search for attachments so you can easily clean hard-to-reach places. Buying a steamship is not a viable idea. Hiring a professional service that provides interior cleaning services can help you avoid the hassle of cleaning your home.

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 : If you decide to choose a DIY upholstery cleaner, it's not only expensive, but you can't produce great results. However, professional upholstery cleaners will charge a reasonable amount and provide unparalleled service.


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