How To Drive Laser Targeted Traffic Using PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to get laser targeted traffic to your website. With targeted traffic, you will be able to get higher conversions for your business. Many people face the problem of getting targeted visitors to visit their websites. If you are one of them, you should consider using PPC advertising.

By using PPC advertising, you can effectively reach out to potential new customers who are interested in your products or services. The good thing about PPC advertising is that you will be able to take control of your monthly ad budget. You can set the maximum amount of money that you are going to spend per month and can rest assured that the money spent will not exceed your limit. With PPC advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads and visit your website. This helps you to maximize every dollar spent on advertising.

The most common PPC advertising is Google Adwords. When you do a search on Google, look on the right hand side of the search engine result page (SERP). Those are all PPC ads. As an advertiser, you are in control over how and where your ads are shown. You can also have your ads appear almost immediately to millions of people once you have set up your campaign.

Inside your Adwords account, you can easily add, build, customize and manage your advertising campaigns. You can also monitor the performance of each campaign closely. Typically, advertisers measure their performance based on a combination of metrics, such as Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC), etc. With these metrics, you will be able to know the overall return on investment for PPC advertising.

When you advertise using PPC, you can set the amount you wish to pay when someone clicks on your ads to visit your website. In traditional PPC model, the higher you bid for your keyword, the higher the position your ads will get. However, in Google Adwords, there is a measurement called Quality Score, which is determined by a number of factors such as how much you pay per click, average click-through-rate of your ads, and the relevancy of your ads with your landing page. These factors will determine how high your ads will appear, making it a level playing field for all advertisers. Today, the richest advertiser does not own the PPC advertising model anymore.

Another important factor that determines the success of a PPC campaign is the keywords that you choose. When someone searches for a keyword that you have chosen, your ads will appear in the search engine result page. However, by choosing keywords that does not help the consumers to find what they are looking for will decrease your conversion rate and increase your advertising cost.

So remember to do your homework before you launch a PPC advertising campaign. Without proper research and planning, you can lose a lot of money on PPC.

Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOM, an online marketing agency which specializes in search marketing, providing services such as PPC Advertising.

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