How to Eliminate JavaScript Errors

Javascript errors, with their yellow triangle popping up, can be a nuisance, but there are some steps that you can take which will help eliminate and prevent JavaScript errors once and for all. Sometimes the error is because there is an error in the javascript which is included in the page, and other times the cause may be the software program script. Whatever the cause of these Javascript errors are, you can make them go away for good usually, with very little effort or time needed.

If you get a JavaScript error, use another web browser to verify that the error resides with the web page and not your system. If the other browser has the same error, the problem is with the page and not your system. Make sure that your settings will allow Active Scripting, JavaScript applets, and ActiveX controls, and you may need to reset to the default settings. Verify that your anti virus program is not scanning temporary or downloaded files, or this may cause these errors. Delete all the cookies and any temporary files stored on your computer, because sometimes these can contribute to JavaScript errors.

It is always a good idea to remove any programs you do not use, and to turn off any features on your system that you do not need, such as Smooth Scrolling. Some of these features may interfere with the scripting and result in errors. It is also recommended that you make sure you have the most current version of DirectX available. This will not only get rid of the JavaScript errors, it will also greatly improve the performance, graphics, and security of your system. Make sure that you have the most current updates for the scripting engine, and these are normally available at Microsoft’s website.

What Causes Javascript Errors?

JavaScript errors can be caused by a number of things, including viruses and other harmful software programs. Always make sure that your virus and spyware definitions are updated as soon as possible, if an update is available. Otherwise you could end up with an electronic infection that is not recognized as such by your anti virus program, allowing it to run unchecked and cause damage to your computer. It is important to run scans at least once a day, especially if your computer stays connected, like with Broadband or Cable Internet. These preventative programs can prevent a lot of problems when used correctly.

A registry cleaner can provide invaluable assistance in getting rid of JavaScript errors once and for all. This software is easy to use, cleans your registry very quickly, and eliminates the risks associated with manually cleaning the registry. Unlike with manual editing, a registry cleaner will only erase and delete a key or entry that is harmless, making sure your operating system stays functioning as intended. Instead of taking days or weeks, the registry cleaner will clean out your registry in no time, usually less than an hour, depending on how packed with junk entries and keys your registry is. This will eliminate Javascript errors for good.

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