How to get a good start in racing ATV and off-road vehicles

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Have you ever wondered how some people use slower machines to constantly beat the faster machines they are chasing? Everything is to get the right start, or to get the perfect "cave shot" as some people have said. But in order to master this brake technology, some exercises are really needed. In terms of braking, it is certain that take-off is the most important factor for your perfection.

So what can you do to get a good takeoff when you are driving? Simply put, the clutch, or better yet, the correct use of the clutch. Seems like a simple concept? Well, this is a fairly simple concept, yes, but it is also one of the things that definitely takes some time to master. So what do you want to do with the clutch? You want it to slide a few feet before, instead of letting it slide immediately, or shortly after you release it. If you let the clutch move quickly while braking, it will always give you the same negative results, usually over-rotation or over-boost, which usually guarantees your opponent's victory.

The best way to take off is to always supply a lot of gas to the machine, but don't let the clutch completely detach. Let it grab the ATV [or off-road vehicle] tires slowly off the ground, or the rear tires begin to rotate, rather than letting the clutch immediately disengage from the bat. At this point, just let it slowly release, but not all out, until the engine is almost at the end of its power [or "power band"]. I know this may not sound like a lot, but getting the best clutch slip when you first take off is crucial. Once you let the clutch exit completely, the rest is easy: just continue to shift gears. At this point, it all depends on the power of your machine, not your driving skills.

In addition, another important reminder is to start with the second gear. Sounds weird? Well, whether you believe it or not, this can be very effective because it gives you a longer power range and allows you to give up completely after the clutch has been sliding for a longer time. It also delivers smoother and softer power transmission, which means your machine will get better traction and won't try to move back to you.

I recommend that you practice the above technical summary many times before jumping in and starting to actually brake. This is by far the most important thing in terms of braking.

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