How to get an Email address

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    • avatar gary cooper 2

      sorry but how do you continue  to , keep getting your  paper statement

      • avatar gary cooper 2

        how do contain  paper

        • avatar Jacqui Rourke 1

          Can you please send me your email address as have lost phone

          • avatar Shaikh Ahmad 1

            going through good

            • avatar khaled omar 1


              • avatar Kamli Mentor 1

                google help a lout

                • avatar princess lovin 1


                  • avatar Just Smoke Weed 1

                    What's a email andress

                    • avatar Fentayehu Abebil 1

                      That is not what I want

                      • avatar ninja potato 1

                        wtf 6 years ago?!!!!

                        • avatar Ernest Reichardt 2

                          Google sucks they over complicate every stinking thing ! It takes about 30 mins to simply contact customer service ! First you have to find your problem if it's not there you click on any one of them even though it's not the right one because your problem is not mention then you have to go through another list and then after going through all that crap they send you an email that dose not help and you start all over again ! Why can't they just ask you what the problem is ? Because they are scumbag ass holes and they really don't want to help you ! They have never helped me that's why I bought an Apple iPad I can delete Google and never put up with scumbags !!!!!

                          • avatar almashossen 222 1

                            donda disos

                            • avatar maria Esparza 2

                              i am just looking at coments

                              • avatar sirfish 23 1

                                fuck you

                                • avatar stereo 5 1

                                  omg, how slow can he get though like really…

                                  • avatar Cbreezy 2


                                    • avatar Jaden Earley- Jones 2

                                      You are boring

                                      • avatar Jeison Castillo 1

                                        I like