How to get PR 2.0 for your book or department using Web 2.0

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Online promotion – PR 2.0 is the way to go!

The internet will not disappear. You have to hug. The Michigan Chronicle is even online, and some editors are blogging there! So how do you as a writer or aspiring – maximizing the use of the internet? Here are some tips:

  1. Write a website plan. Know what you want it to do before building your site. Create a favorable buying experience for your ministry products. Make the site easy to use. Provide good customer service by shipping within 5 to 7 days. Use automatic transponders when people shop. Make your site "friendly to shoppers."

2. Attract users to your site by sending email campaigns that are frequently sent back to the site. Make your site rich and let visitors stay on your site and want to share it with others. This is called viral marketing.

3. Use the "Squeeze Page" to capture the visitor's name. If you provide contact information, you can provide a CD or brochure for free. Get at least their email address so that you can send the booklet in the PDF booklet or CD as an MP3.

4. Publish a regular online magazine called Ezine. This is an incentive tool that people expect to accept. It has department updates.

5. Include recent news clicks in your e-magazine. Streaming media interviews and audio clips. Use a template from an Internet database management company such as Constant Contact. I have been using them for many years!

6. Add discussion groups and groups like ChocolatePagesNetwork dot com. In this way, you can learn a wealth of information in any particular industry. Pastors, ministry communication professionals, Christian writers or other professional groups have groups. Check out your areas of interest in Yagewroups, connectplatform.com or Google.

7. Place banner ads on other sites that your target audience might visit. If it's Gospel Today or DetroitGospel dot com, ask if you want to place banner ads on these sites. These ads are usually very cheap. You can promote your TV ministry schedule or other products.

8. Update your website frequently. The current message will send you the latest news in the ministry. It lets people go back to your website. Try new content on your website, such as a podcast or webcast. Keep it fresh.

9. Focus on great content so that when people go online through search engines like Google or AOL, SEO will give you a high ranking. Adding links is another great way to improve your site's ranking and get notified in search engines.

10. Add a "News Room" on your website. The media will access your high-resolution photos [300 dpi], get press releases, ministry history, and good work in this section. It makes their lives easier and shows that you are a professional who handles media interviews. This is also a good place to list other media clicks you receive, such as magazine/e-magazine articles, radio interviews, and columns you have posted.

11. Create a blog. Only do this if you have time to keep this situation. A good blogger posts about 2 to 3 times a week. Blogs are like online personal diaries. A blog is an abbreviation for "blog." This is your online version. It is more personal and informal than the website, and visitors can respond directly to you. Go to the blog site com to set up one for free. See the Ministry Marketing Solutions blog. It will also give you some ideas.

12. Use a signature at the end of each email containing the tag line, website, blog, and contact information. please. The best form of advertising – and it's free!

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