How to get unlimited Twitter traffic

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Unlimited Twitter traffic

Why Twitter? More than 100 million people use Twitter every day. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know how much trouble some politicians will overuse.

But this is the wrong usage of Twitter.

We want to do Twitter in the right way. If you use Twitter correctly, you can get an unlimited number of potential customers. In the wrong way, you can pause your account and mark it as a "spammer."

So what is the correct way? Use it for social activities. If someone in your niche needs help, send them a tweet and help. When you help enough people, unlimited Twitter traffic will appear. When you help others, they will tell others about you and you will be considered a useful expert.

How can I find this unlimited traffic supply? Grab your Twitter account and look at the top right corner. Unlimited Twitter traffic is pretending to be a magnifying glass.

With the search feature, you can find people who need your help. Think about it this way, you can be the hero they need. They don't need a used car salesman. We all erroneously jump for sale, but the unlimited Twitter traffic method is about a bigger picture. The scope and rewards of small images are limited.

So how do I search to get unlimited Twitter traffic? It depends on what you are doing to help others. If you are helping people get healthy, then you will look for something different from someone who helps people make money online.

Basically, find the problem that your product solves and you have a winning combination. For example, if you are selling a "patch". You may search for the phrase "I need to quit smoking."

If you tell the search results – "http://" and – "https://", then you can eliminate business people who are just advertising.

Then you approach them. This must be done with care. You don't know them, and you don't have friends. You are a stranger. Strangers are just friends you haven't seen before.

Treat them as friends. You won't touch your friends and scream, "Buy my GIZMO!" However, you might say, "I know you are looking to quit smoking.

You can suggest them to view your blog or YouTube videos. If you send them to the squash page to collect the list [recommended], the title above optin is the same as the title of the sales page. Then, let your button say "give me more information" or something similar, rather than a standard submission.

Then send them to your pre-sales video or sales page. At this point, you have formed some rapport and sent them out in a passionate way. This not only brings unlimited Twitter traffic, but also leads to better sales conversions.

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