How to get your book sequence in a newspaper or glossy magazine – Book marketing techniques for authors

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Most authors find the idea of ​​marketing or promoting newspapers, magazines, radio and television to be daunting. However, you usually write [or are writing] your book because you think you have something worth talking about. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that as many readers as possible hear it.

One of the author's biggest mistakes – actually a public relations consultant – assuming that your press release should be sent primarily to the book reviewer.

In my opinion, this is a huge mistake. Book reviews usually have a postage size coverage, and if you are lucky, you can use a small picture of your book cover. More importantly, someone must actually read more than 70,000 words before this happens. Yes, book reviews are important for selling books. But they should not be the only weapon in the author's arsenal.

If you send a press release to a specific science editor, featured writer, journalist or broadcaster, you can greatly improve your PR activities. from

SAGA Magazine from

 For example, I have the first serialization right of a book to be published. This includes six pages, including four photos, as well as an image of my book folder, and a two-page illustration. If I pay a similar premium in my ad, the cost will be tens of thousands of dollars.

The reporter likes this story:

  • partial from

     [events or events related to popular news topics];

  • Inspirational from

     [Ordinary people do extraordinary things];

  • Educational from

     [improving health, wealth or relationships];

  • accident from

     [eat more chocolate, get thinner];

  • Controversial statement from

     [The man is the worse boss];

  • ' at the time and now ' from

     s [you are overweight / broken / frustrated, etc., now you do the opposite];

  • a big promise from

     [Facial yoga loses wrinkles in 7 days].

Remember that most journalists don't have time to read your book. So point out the necessary facts. Or write a press release about you and your inspiration, or any other interesting and relevant content. Another way is to create an activity or photography opportunity for them.

Here's a quick and easy guide to building a press release:

•title from

 – Start with something that might get noticed.

• Paragraph 1 from

 – Summarize your story ' provide key information.

• Paragraph 2/3 from

 – Enrich your story – who, why, what, when and where.

• Paragraph 4 from

 – Includes references to you or people associated with the story.

• Paragraph 5 from

 – Includes additional relevant information such as photo opportunities.

• Last paragraph from

 – Including the most important sentences: If you need to review a copy, allow print excerpts or arrange an interview, please contact xyz.

Contact information: from

 Phone, Skype and email.

• If the story is released immediately, please explain. If it is banned until a specific date, this gives the reporter time to prepare in advance.

Take the time to tailor press releases for different publications. For example, suppose you have already written a diet book. Your health magazine press release may focus on emotional and physical themes. For national newspapers, you may include more statistical evidence. For regional media, you can mention "local authors."

Like all things, it takes a while to master new skills. But in any case, you will learn to do this in "autopilot." Maybe even start enjoying it. It will also greatly reduce your time. Compare the one-hour return on investment used to write a press release with the time spent reading an hour at a local library or bookstore. In my opinion, it is easy to send your press release to as many journalists as possible in order to get the most coverage!

If there are multiple publications that want serialization rights to your books? Then you need to weigh your long-term goals and whether their target audience is the same as yours. This is a good question for any author!


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