How to light up the green screen video effect

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The green screen video is amazing. You stand in front of the green background and click on the record on the camera. Then, put the footage into the video editing software, select the new background, apply the chroma key filter, and then immediately transfer it to the new location. You can stand in a shiny new office and stand on a high place from


 Tech virtual scenes, on the beach, even on the moon. At least, this is how the things you imagine will work.

Often, your first attempt in a green screen effect will produce disappointing results. When you try to remove the green background in the editing software, you won't eliminate all colors. You can use these settings to make more green disappear, and suddenly your shirt disappears in the middle. You will make more and more adjustments until things look better. You have lost all the details around the bridge, but the green has disappeared. However, when you play, your feet will dance like lights. Go back and stain the edges until they become mushy.

After hours of tweaking and fine-tuning, you created a bad green screen video.

Creating a bad green screen video is easy

The secret of most people selling green screen video effects sales tools and software is not to tell you that creating bad results is really easy. YouTube is full of terrible video videos. However, there is another secret. It's not difficult to make a dreamy video.

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours to make a video that you are proud to share with the world. A key factor in success is how to light up the screen.

Big screen lighting myth

There is a big misunderstanding about the green screen video from companies that sell screens and lighting kits. Search online and you'll see a list of endless options for buying a kit, including everything you need to take a green screen video. The list of included items is always the same. You'll get a green muslin screen, a support frame to support the screen, and three lights. You always get three lights, this is the problem.

To get the best results from the process, you need to light up the theme separately. The ideal green screen lighting kit includes five lights. Two lights are dedicated to illuminate the screen itself. The other three lights are used to illuminate your subject.

Best light for green screen

Flat, uniform illumination is the goal of illuminating a green screen. Any change in brightness will make it more difficult for editing software to remove the background while preserving the edge details. In a home office video studio, space is usually invaluable, so you can afford to use a large soft box or place a light away from the screen. The easiest way to get good results is to use fluorescent or LED lights.

The bank light is nothing more than a large flat [usually rectangular] luminaire. The Pro version just looks like a fancy fluorescent store light turning to the side. In fact, you can make your own parts using cheap parts purchased at your local family center. There are a few things to keep in mind when making your own stuff. But once you know what to buy, it's easy to do.

LED bank lights are more expensive to purchase, but they can be used permanently, without glass tubes to break, and often dimmed to get the perfect light.

Place the light

It's easy to illuminate your screen with a bank light. You can place a light on each side of the screen. The lights should be oriented vertically so that the light illuminates from top to bottom. Adjust the angle and distance of the screen until the entire surface of the green screen illuminates with a uniform brightness.

Once the screen is properly illuminated, you can use the other three indicators that come with the kit to illuminate the subject. Make some important adjustments to your camera settings, and you'll soon be able to take amazing green screen videos and share them with the world.

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