How to Make Money From Social Networking

Social Networking has become enormously popular over a relatively short period of time, with hundreds of millions of users putting their profiles on sites like Myspace, Facebook, Bebo or one of many other similar sites. Some people join Social Networking sites to promote their business, some to just banter with existing friends, some to make new friends over the internet and some just for fun of it.

Most of the Social Networking sites have no membership costs, but some dealing with specific niches do charge.

So why would someone go to all the expense to set up, host and provide such facilities for free? Simple really, by having a large client base, they can charge other companies to advertise with them. The larger their client base, the more those advertisers will want to advertise with them, so they will be able to charge the advertisers more money.

So if you were to set up a new Social Networking site, how do you compete with the likes of Facebook and Myspace that are already well established? In order to attract the big advertising bucks, you need to build a big client base, but why would a prospective client come to you and network with a handful of people when they can go to Facebook or Myspace and network with millions of people?

A new Social Networking site called Zenzuu have come up with a novel solution that is of benefit to their clients. 80% of the revenue that they get from advertisers will be paid to their active client base. People can join for free and actually be paid. That will give Zenzuu a big advantage in attracting new clients over the more established Social Networking sites. Their rationale is simple, if you are going be Socially Networking anyway, one company pays you and the other one doesn't, which one would you join?

But isn't 80% an awful lot to give away? Zenzuu do all the work for only 20% of the advertising revenue. Again, there is a method to the madness. With the extra people attracted by the payout, Zenzuu reason that it is better to get 20% of millions of dollars than 100% of hundreds of dollars.

The next obstacle is that if people join to make some money, it does not mean that they will tell their friends about it, so it may not necessarily grow that fast anyway. Well Zenzuu have thought of that too. They offer extra payments to those who introduce others. The more people that you introduce, the bigger your slice of that 80% of the advertising revenue.

You might start thinking now, oh no, sounds like network marketing (multi level marketing) again. Well yes it is, but it is the only network marketing company that I know of that you can join without having to pay anything, with no monthly subscription or purchase required; yet you can still make money from it. This is why Zenzuu is growing extremely fast as a lot of the big hitters in network marketing are joining and recruiting like crazy as it has obvious advantages over all other network marketing companies.

I will say however, that for people who join and do not introduce many others, I do not believe that they will make big money. I really big earnings will be for those that introduce the lots of other people.

So if you don't really want to introduce loads of other people, is it really worth joining Zenzuu?

Well only you can answer that. However, I would say that if you are into Social Networking, Zenzuu is growing very fast and is likely to become one of the biggest Social Networking sites on the internet within the next couple of years, so you will have plenty of people to network with.

As for being paid, well even if it is not a large amount, I would rather be paid something than nothing for an activity that I will be doing anyway.

If you are into Social Networking and would rather be paid for something that you are doing anyway, then check out Zenzuu and join for free


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