How To Make Money Online By Using Blogger’s Blog Service

You don’t need a lot of money to get started earning an online income. All you need is a blog. Blogging has become a popular way to make a few extra bucks and it can be really easy to get a blog set up. Here is some information about how to make money online with a blog on

Some of the other blog sites have rules against using their sites to make money, so Blogger is the logical choice if that is your aim. Blogger doesn’t charge anything for blogs. That makes it a great place to start trying to make a few extra bucks online. Since there is no investment required, any money you make is pure profit.

Of course, just writing blog posts isn’t enough to get the money coming in. You have to be able to incorporate some sort of income stream into your blog somehow. That’s why you want to put your new blog on Blogger. Unlike other blogging sites that prohibit commercial use of blogs on their sites, Blogger actually has tools built in to help you start earning money.

In the layout section of your Blogger control panel, you will find tools for adding Adsense capsules into the design of your site. These ad modules will display Google Adsense ads that relate to your content. Make sure you are signed up with Adsense and have added your Adsense ID under the ‘Monetize’ tab before you start running these ads. Otherwise, Google won’t know where to send the money.

It is also easy to set up Adsense for feeds through Blogger. Just click on the ‘Monetize’ tab, then ‘Adsense for Feeds.’ You will be presented with options for setting it up. Once it has been set up, Adsense ads will appear in your RSS feed whenever someone views it.

Google also makes it easy to link to products in your blog. If you haven’t signed up for the affiliate program, you’ll need to do that first. Then click on the ‘Amazon Associates’ tab under ‘Monetize.’ Fill out your associate ID and click ‘Next.’ You will be given the option to activate the Amazon product editor. Do that, and you will be able to quickly and easily add links to products while you are writing your blog posts.

Since you can easily add three methods of generating revenue to a Blogger blog, it is a great way to get started if you want to make money online. Blogger is easy to use and you have the option of getting your own domain name later if you decide you want to.

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