How to make your product or service stand out – use video marketing

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Print Ads from

 It is slowly dying. Some people think that the average conversion rate of print ads has been falling to less than 10% conversion rate. This means that less than 10% of public reading print ads will be the best customers. Think about the last magazine or newspaper you read. Can you just recall these ads? On average, the magazine contains at least one print ad on every other page. This is equivalent to about 22 print ads per magazine. Can you recall the above advertisements?

Email marketing from

 It is also falling. Google and other top search engines have been regularly introducing new spam sorting algorithms. So how does this affect your business? This algorithm reduces the number of email campaigns that online shoppers or frequent customers read or see, which is a very unfortunate phenomenon. This means that you pay for a marketing company to create an email campaign that will fail every time, even before your audience reads or sees it.

Social media marketing from

 Also lost some of the original charm. Most users on Facebook and Twitter seem to have one thing in common. They agree that the only way they focus on social media marketing is if the images are coupons or interesting pictures that force them to read the text accompanying the image.

People have trained themselves to quickly browse status updates and tweets, just staying at those that draw attention or instantly tickle our interests. Twitter users seem to be less concerned, and Facebook users are fewer. In fact, regular users can only read 1 per day if there are any status updates or news from "like" company pages.

Ask yourself how much do you currently pay for social media marketing? How many new fans did you get last month? What is the current population size of your county? Which part of 1% is currently focusing on social media?

So how do you successfully market your company or product?

Marketing and video are undoubtedly the answer.

Recent research has shown that ordinary Internet users spend more than 20 minutes watching videos every day. On average, 80% of Facebook users click on the play button in any video that goes into their feed. If the video is in a tweet, the Twitter user is five times more likely to read the tweet.

Commercial advertising is also a very viable option because the advertising costs of local networks and channels become more affordable. In the United States, for example, the country is divided into various designated market areas or DMAs, each of which belongs to one. DMA is identified by the largest cities that are an effective way for advertisers to reach a population area that receives similar media products.

Whether you use the above media or just use video marketing on your website, it's clear that this type of advertising is certainly not overlooked or excluded.

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