How to make your video virus

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You may have read [and probably many times] videos that are extremely effective tools for promoting your brand and products. This is undoubtedly correct, because many people respond more to visual content than to words. Of course, it depends on your work and how to present this information in video form. However, you don't want to share videos that no one will notice. You want your video [every time you share one] to spread the virus.

Come up with the right formula

First, the last thing you have to do is create a video that feels like a TV shopping show [or something similar]. This is the same as the rules that apply to written content. You don't want to write promotional content, because when you market your brand, open sales is a big taboo. People won't appreciate it, you won't succeed in this way.

The truth is that you often sell your own brand and yourself [related to your business]. However, if you are smart about this, then you will not be the only one who focuses on sales. This is very important in business. Now, back to the concept of video and the popularity of video, you can apply certain concepts that will help your video spread.

  • Don't knock them down on your head with a promotion: from

    If you have any hope for video transmission, you will want to provide valuable, educational, and compelling information to your audience. One thing you don't want to do is to sell anything directly in your video. This means you don't talk about your products and/or services directly in the video. Instead, you will want to tell your story and apply the concept to it. This story is indispensable and can be very effective if done well. The story is full of emotions. When others hear your story, they react to their feelings and one reacts to another. This is how you start to build your relationships, which will eventually let another person buy what you sell. Of course, only after you can convince another person that you are the most knowledgeable person around you and another person finds you are very trustworthy and trustworthy. This may take some time, but it will be well worth it.

  • Tell your story in the most compelling way: from

    Your story is vital to your success. It must capture the viewer's interest and keep it there until your story ends. Your story should keep the other person involved, and your story should make the other person feel that you really understand his or her feelings, because you have already experienced each other's experiences. This is the interpersonal relationship that everyone is looking for. You have a lot of potential to tell so many fascinating stories. After all, so far, you have had countless experiences in your life, and these experiences should be shared with the people they can do best.

  • Let your emotions be linked to the emotions of another person: from

    The relationship you share with others will not only begin with an emotional connection, but as time goes by, there will be more and more emotional connections between you and another person. This is how you develop your relationship together, and that is how you maintain the special connection that exists between you. Of course, what is certain is that not all emotions expressed are positive. Sometimes other emotions are discussed. This is not a bad thing at all. It just further shows your true humanity. It is also important to remember that the emotions you express in the story will be directly linked to your brand. You have the ability and the right to choose which stories [and which emotions] to share with the audience. You need to think carefully about what you want to add to your video.

  • Surprise your audience: from

    When it comes to video content, you want to be something ordinary. The more interesting, compelling and surprising you can make a video, the more interested others are to hear from you. They will also be forced to share your videos with others they know and trust, if they think what you are saying and how you say it is worth giving to others. There is nothing wrong with creativity and thinking out of the box. Extending the border is a good idea as long as the video is properly completed. If your video content is amazing, then you will create a buzz and people will talk about it. This is exactly what you want to happen. Not only do you want others to talk about your videos, but you also want them to think about your videos and hope they get inspiration from what you share with them.

in conclusion

Well, if you follow the advice discussed here, you can take a good video and make it a virus. Also, remember that you only have three seconds to attract the interest of the audience. If they like what they see in these three seconds, they will be willing to continue watching. This is why these three seconds are so important. Of course, you always want to make sure your video is entertaining and captures all other important concepts. However, you must also understand that there is no guarantee that your video will be able to spread. However, the formula has proven to be valid, so there is no reason why it is not suitable for you. If you are real and contact the audience on issues that are important to you, they will listen and be relevant to what you share with them.

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