How to market your commercial real estate loan business

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I often see small business owners missing the mark on marketing. Of course, when you focus on a specific industry niche, you can easily do it, and you spend your time on industry terminology. However, it's best to focus on your potential customers, think about your marketing from their perspective, and solve their most important problems. Your customers want to trust you, know that you are looking for their interests, and that you not only see Dollar Signs in sunglasses.

Below is a sample page that may be suitable for websites, brochures, emails or letters. Why not take a closer look and consider how to form your own information. Use your own voice, your own style, and remember that you are talking to your customers on the table for the first time. You know what questions they will ask. Show that you care, you are working for them, and will do their best to provide them with the best price and quality service. This is a sample:

Commercial real estate loan

Do you want to buy income properties such as apartment buildings, small office buildings or retail centers? Do you want to include several rental properties in your real estate portfolio into a commercial mortgage? Want to find the right land and develop the land? Do you need a loan for acquisition and construction?

Do you want to buy commercial commercial real estate? Restaurants, car washes, service stations, laundry mats, hotels, etc? Are you looking for a commercial area property with a warehouse or industrial building? Are you expanding your existing business and/or want to own the property under your business instead of paying a monthly lease?

Are you in the agricultural sector looking for specialized agricultural properties; is the land used for vineyards, orchards or berries, vegetables or flowers? We have a wealth of experience to achieve this goal. Our southern California region has one of the best climates in the world, as well as incredible top soils that can grow anything.

We can assist with all types of commercial real estate loans, including government-guaranteed loans such as FHA, USDA and HUD. If you are looking for a SBA 7[a] loan or a CDC / SBA 504 loan for commercial real estate, we can do it.

We can provide you with traditional commercial mortgages, commercial bridge loans or commercial hard-interest loans. We also have non-traditional sources of hard currency commercial real estate loans tailored to your needs for complex projects outside the normal range of typical commercial real estate loans and mortgage products.

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Why not try something like this? Just because the Fed raises interest rates doesn't mean you have to turn new deals and new customers to your competitors. I hope that you can consider all of this and think about it.

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