How to measure the value of an article marketing campaign

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Distributing your articles on the Internet alone is not enough – you have to measure what you are doing so that you can be sure to get value from your efforts.

Here are some preliminary ideas I can measure about article marketing [and what you measure should depend on your predefined article marketing goals, but you already know]:

The number of new links to your site

This is of course a big problem, and you only need to do a simple "link:" search in the main engine.

Since I submitted "Build Link and Your Brand: Article Marketing Offer" to 8 directories on January 26, Google has recorded 24 instances of my article [MSN Search Show], MSN Search shows 59 instances, Yahoo disappointed me 10 times.

Now, all these mentions are not links… just an example of the title of my article.

Google does not currently have a link to my main blog site. Both Yahoo and MSN show 14 to http://articmarketing.blogspot.com.

I am currently ranked third in Yahoo's article marketing – hehe! Just 3 days is not bad. We will see how long I stayed there – things can change dramatically after the update. I can't find anywhere in MSN. In addition to Andy's blog post about my article marketing blog, Google is also the same, which makes me ranked fourth in "article marketing."

In order to understand the scale, the following is the result of millions of articles marketing per engine: Yahoo's 12 million; MSN has 17 million; Google has 27 million. I don't think article marketing is a phrase that currently produces a lot of competition.

Article submission sites like EzineArticles are handled by novice robots because they regularly update content, I think speed indexing.

The article is submitted 1-26-05, search 1-29-05.

Reader / impressions

By borrowing the world of online advertising, you can measure the number of impressions, the estimated number of readers/site visitors who have the opportunity to read at least the title of your article, and want to associate it with your article.

To see how many times your article may have been shown with the person who republished the article. If you submit to EzineArticles, you can see how many writers and editors have viewed your article page.

Make your impressions very good, but it's best to target them to your audience [and the audience I mean customers… here is my opinion of the customer as an audience]. The more attention you provide to the content creation process, the more your content will reach your target audience.

This makes us…

Position in previously identified key industry media

If you identified the major industry publications you wish to publish at the beginning of the article marketing campaign… and you have published or not published, you can measure them.

It's more like a branding plan than a link plan, although it certainly produces at least one reliable link. Once your article is published and your editor says "go", you can submit it to the article submission directory of your choice. Then measure the link.

Generate potential customers through reader queries

This is an interesting one. Some specific industries and products may be well sold through article marketing… goodwill information products. If the main goal of your article marketing is to sell, you should build an article campaign in a specific way. Many of the same rules still apply, but the strategy needs to be different. If you have questions about creating a sales article, please contact us. And you still have to follow a responsible article writing guide.

Email address collected for the newsletter registration/download/free service

Yes, you are posted in someone else's email newsletter, but that doesn't mean you can't try to push the registration to your own newsletter! When I was working at WebProNews, we happened that we released all the free content. An author's article marketing strategy focuses on driving subscribers to read her newsletter. I think, but I'm not sure, Dianna Huff [http://www.dhcommunications.com/resources.htm] specializing in B2B article marketing. Also, be sure to check out her website.

Browse the web to the information page on your website

If you link articles to more information pages on your site, you can measure the increase in traffic on those pages. However, please take some kind of action call on these pages. In order to get a higher pageview, don't just raise the page view. Have them do something on this page, such as giving you an email address or visiting your product or service page.

Editor requested to provide an article

If your goal is to interact more with the target market, be sure to accept all editorial requirements for the new article. In fact, you can build any relationship with the editor. This is a great way to stay in front of your target audience and get new ideas for the article.

How can you increase this possibility? Contact the editor of the publication in the target market. Also, please mention in your author profile that you want to work with editors to help them have happier, more engaging readers.

Audience participation/question

This is another interesting one, and it was something I tried to promote during WPN. The level of reader feedback I received led me to create WPN's "Consulting Experts" section [http://www.webpronews.com/ebusiness/asktheexperts/ebusiness_ask_the_experts.html] [now not considered] and my suggestion to the WebProWorld Forum, currently Has more than 50,000 members. [Fairly, iEntry launched a forum before – they are only spread across all of our publications, not against flags. WebProWorld is of course a home run.]

So if you want to build more relationships with online audiences in your publications, contact their editor to see if you can ask audience questions.

What else is measurable?

These are some of the ideas I can measure on article marketing. Am I missing? Let me know your measurable thoughts. If I use them in an upcoming article, I will give you a link text link.

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