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Signal is a great team card game and it's very interesting. It is not easy to play this game because the game is very interesting. You play a regular deck of 52 cards. It can be played with 4 or more people. The goal of the game is to get four and then signal your partner that you have it.

First, each partner needs to face each other. Before starting the game, each team should enter a separate room to signal when they have four conditions. Some examples may be blinking, smiling, blinking, itching your nose, licking your lips or anything else that doesn't immediately cause other teams. All signals must be on the form.

The dealer then issues four cards to each player and remains in the rest of the deck. When everyone is ready, the dealer will start picking up one card at a time and passing it to other players in a clockwise order. If the player wants a card that has already been delivered to them, they can replace it with another card in their hand. Once players have four, they will need to use their signals to show their partners that they have four. If the player sees their partner signaling, they need to call out the "signal"! If their partners do have four types, the team will win, and if they don't, the team will fail.

If players from other teams notice another player signaling, they can call out "signals" and indicate who they call. If the team does have four types, then the team that convened it will win, and if they don't, the team will win. If the dealer runs out of cards before any team wins, they can pick up the dropped ball and start over. Rotate the dealer clockwise.

This game can last for hours. Strengthen it by rotating partners or thinking about new signal ideas. It's always fun to come up with a foolish signal that can be reused with the same partner.

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