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In today's connected world, #cyberbullying can greatly affect businesses. Possible types of cyberbullying, such as false reviews, false claims, and trolling/harassment, may be due to retaliation or company positioning. This article discusses the causes of cyberbullying, how to prevent cyberbullying, and how to resolve such attacks in the event of such attacks. This information applies to businesses, but also to individuals.

Cyberbullying – why?

Bullies tend to target those who think they are vulnerable and weaker than themselves. In business, companies of any size may target another organization for a variety of reasons. They may do so to influence the company's income, employee morale, or weaken the company's reputation.

When negotiating [you are always negotiating], cyberbullying can be a strategy to soften an entity before negotiating. This can be done by placing a false story about the entity in the social media channel anonymously, or by acting as an agent with allies. In either case, such an action can subject the company's appearance to siege from multiple points and sources.

Companies are wary of social media campaigns because they realize the impact that negative posts can have on their business. Companies may even be vulnerable to online extortion. This is another form of cyberbullying that puts companies in an unstable position.

Cyberbullying example and processing:

A business partner with a restaurant recalls the time when several male professionals walked into his restaurant. They are drunk, noisy, and disrespectful of other customers and my employees; my colleagues don't want to fight against his noisy customers because they don't want to lose control of the situation. Therefore, he told the disordered customers that his in-store security camera was filming their behavior, and if they didn't adopt an actionable manner, he had to post the video on social media. Although he did not threaten them with cyberbullying, he hinted that if they did not correct their behavior, he would use cyberspace to "exclude them." These people apologize to everyone in the business and do not need to take any further action. The threat of using social media is enough to support them.

Cyberbullying prevention, combat, and overcoming:

As a business owner, combat cyberbullying:

  1. Actively participate in social media platforms and get as many positive comments as possible. Then, if another organization tries to bully your business, they will stand out from the enthusiasm you have received.
  1. Let business allies and customers release rebuttals at any time to support your organization against bullying. In extreme cases, please let your allies pay attention to the efforts of cyberbullying in other environments. Respond in a strong and quick way, let the bully know that his goal is that your business is costly. Keep in mind that bullies tend to choose targets that are easy to attack. Successfully fight bullies and isolate your business; don't make it an easy target.
  1. In the physical enterprise, a camera system is installed to capture the behavior of the bully in your business in real time. Their personal actions may be a prelude to cyberbullying. Proactively using their face-to-face video account will allow others to see your story more clearly.

in conclusion:

If you are a cyberbullying person, please be aware of your target audience. What you do to others can come back to hurt you. It may do this at the most inappropriate time.

As a business owner, actively bullying attempts. Follow the recommendations above to defend against potential attacks before they happen… everything will be in line with the world.

Remember, you are always negotiating!

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