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It may be the most common topic in Internet marketing – how to bring more traffic to your website.

Whether you're selling your own products, promoting affiliate marketing offers or looking for AdSense clicks, you won't get a penny if your site doesn't have traffic.

However, in addition to getting more traffic, there are more processes. Not only do you need traffic, but you also need targeted traffic – those who are interested in the products you offer.

In this article, we'll drive more visitors to your site in a variety of ways [paid and free]. Some of these methods can produce almost instantaneous traffic, while others take longer to get power.

By diversifying traffic generation in a variety of ways, you can get fast traffic while gradually increasing traffic over a longer period of time.

Let's jump together…

Get the right traffic

Before we look at any specific ways to bring traffic to your site, we should really discuss the type of traffic you should target.

Because there are right and wrong traffic.

The right traffic is the visitors who are not only interested in the content you provide, but also willing and able to take the actions you want them to take. The mistake is exactly the opposite – those who are unlikely to take the "most wanted action".

Let's look at a few examples…

First, let's say you have an affiliate review site. You post comments and other content on your own website, as well as affiliate links to these products. Whenever someone buys one of these offers, you will receive a commission.

If you generate a lot of traffic, but not many people are willing or able to spend money, you will not get a lot of profits. A good example is that your visitors are primarily a market for teenagers. Although they may be very interested in this topic and are willing to buy what you are promoting, a large number of people will not be able to buy because they do not have a credit card and their parents may not let them use them.

A market like this might be better for sites that display AdSense ads, which takes us to the second example. We assume that you have a website that is purely profitable through AdSense. In this case, it doesn't matter if your visitors can buy, because you get paid when you click on your ad, no matter what they do after they leave your site.

If there are a lot of "answerers" in the market that don't become buyers, then these ads won't pay a high price, but we will put this aside for the time being.

From a purely conversion perspective, you'll want to find a solution for your visitors – and hope that the ads displayed on your site will provide the solution. Again, you want to target the right people to get the most clicks for these ads.

If you're generating a lot of traffic to find a free solution, or just looking for information, you may not get multiple clicks. Therefore, more traffic is not necessarily more profitable.

Before you start any type of traffic generation, make sure you target your offers for the right people. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time, money or both with little or no return.

Free transportation method

Free traffic is definitely the most popular of the two options [the other is paid traffic]. Many Internet marketers just don't have the money to start paying for traffic, so free traffic is a better way.

Some marketers are also less aware of the economics of payment traffic, which is a completely different issue. If you can make money, or just break even to get traffic to your website, it really won't cost you anything. It is common for marketers to see the cost of the equation without considering the profit, but we will discuss this issue in more detail when we discuss the source of paid traffic very quickly.

When getting free traffic, there are two types – short-term and long-term traffic. There are ways to generate visitors to your site in a short amount of time, and in some cases can be generated almost immediately. Other methods take longer to get the power, but once these methods start, they will continue to bring longer traffic to your site.

Short-term traffic generation

If you implement them correctly, we'll look at three short-term traffic sources that work well:

1. Forum Marketing

  2. Guest blog

  3. Article submission

Forum marketing

Forum marketing is one of the easiest ways to get short-term traffic, especially if you are already active in any of the hot forums in your market.

Note: In this report, many of the examples are related to the Internet marketing field, as most people who read it will know about it. All strategies work equally well in other markets, so don't let yourself think "this only applies to internet marketing sites" – this is not true.

Most forums will allow you to add a "signature" to your profile and add it to the end of every post you post. You can include a link to your website in your signature, along with a short call-to-action to let people click on it.

If you are active on the forum and have provided valuable information in the post, you will click on your signature link. Especially if you provide them with valuable things related to the market, such as free reports, webinar recordings or other types of rewards.

The key here is to be an active participant in the community and to provide value first. If you are just signing up for a forum, please add your signature link and start posting "Hey, great post!" at random. Then don't count on the way of transportation.

Give value first, people will respond by checking

  What else can you offer to them?

Guest blog

Guest blogs are another great way to “draw” traffic from communities that are interested in the market. Blogs are less interactive than forums, but they have many similarities.

Find the most popular blogs in your market and see if they accept the blog. Some websites have an understanding of this, and one of them can accurately explain how to become their visitor blogger. Other sites don't advertise them, but if you spend a little time reading existing posts, you'll be able to see if the same person has written them all, or if the site used guest posts in the past.

Typically, a guest post will have a resource box or author's signature, providing more information about the author and a link back to their website. If you see any of these, the site accepts guest posts.

The key to getting your post accepted is to provide high-quality articles that bloggers will be crazy to accept. It takes longer than usual to research, cite and write these posts. While this means extra time investment, if your guest post is posted on a high-traffic blog, you can get a lot of traffic to click on your site.

Although the click traffic has slowed down after this post has been around for a while, it can continue indefinitely as the post gains traction in search engines. In addition, resource links to your site will also help you with search engine optimization over the long term, so this is a powerful strategy.

Article submission

Article submission or article marketing can be another powerful transportation strategy that will provide you with short-term and long-term benefits. Much like a guest blog, short-term traffic comes from people clicking on your resource box link to visit your website.

By submitting your articles to highly authoritative websites, you can take advantage of the power of search engines to quickly align articles and generate traffic. If your article appeals to Google and other search engines, this direct traffic can actually last long, but it also helps your site rank better, so it starts generating its own search engine traffic.

This brings us a long-term transportation strategy…

Long-term traffic generation

We will look at three long-term strategies for getting traffic to your website:

1. Search engine optimization or search engine optimization

  2. Social media

  3. Relationship building

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is probably the most common free traffic strategy. There are many techniques to improve your ranking in search engines, and there are many products that can teach you how to implement them. Some of these methods work year after year, while others are more short-lived.

You'll also see many ways to consider using grey hats or hats, which means they may violate one or more search engine terms of service or even violate legal boundaries.

You need to decide which lines to accurately divide in order to get traffic to your site, but keep in mind that content that spans these lines is often more technically short-lived. They may need less work, but in the long run, you can spend more time or money to maintain your traffic because things are constantly changing.

Search engine optimization is a huge topic beyond the scope of this report, but we only look at a few of the most important principles.

There are two main factors in search engine optimization – website and offsite optimization. Website optimization is like using keywords in strategic locations on a web page:

– TITLE tag

  – in the page content itself

  – Image ALT tag

  -and many more.

Once, repeatedly repeating your keywords [called keyword fills] on the page will improve your results, but search engines are far beyond this. Don't do this, just use your keywords and…

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