How To Publish A Kindle eBook Today On Amazon

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    • avatar The Self Publishing Agency 1

      Thank you for this. We'll be incorporating this into some of our support material!

      • avatar dzelina petrovic 1

        wow. Amazing.

        • avatar qusai eskangi 0

          thank you so much for the helpful informations..
          i wanna ask about the best ways to promote my book?

          • avatar Dean Andrew 1

            can i do that and i am Indonesian???

            • avatar Jack Aragon 2

              Thanks for the information!

              • avatar Travis Kraft 2

                How about publishing an audio book to amazon?

                • avatar Gods evil twin 1

                  Do you need to be able to sell a hard copy of the book is can it just be online?

                  • avatar Anthony Frazier 1


                    • avatar maricel penaflor 1


                      • avatar purplejesus28 1

                        where's the KDP link like you said?

                        • avatar Subhan's Vault 1

                          Very helpful video thanks!

                          • avatar israel paul 1

                            thank you for this information just clicked your website

                            • avatar Angirson Lopez 2

                              I'm writing my book on an app, Can I still publish?

                              • avatar Gerald W 1

                                Great job.
                                Question: Is it best to download to KDP an eBook and paperback?

                                • avatar AbdulKarim Alabi 0

                                  Hi Stefan. Love what you do. Are the contents of this video still relevant in 2016? Still deliberating whether to sign up for your course. I'm tempted but often skeptical about these things as there are so many of these videos on Youtube from others.

                                  • avatar sankalpa ray 1

                                    Thanks for this video. It's very helpful and one day I will try it.

                                    • avatar Aamir Khan 1

                                      A superb video that I hadn't watched yet.
                                      Thanks for making such a nice explanation.

                                      • avatar Google side 0

                                        Nice video

                                        • avatar Matouš Rýdel 1

                                          Hi there, could you help me pls? Im watching your videos and its realy helpfull! But Im befor publishing my first book and I cant chose 70% royalty. I just cant click on it. Why? Thank you if you ll help me and sorry because of my lvl of english its my third language :D Thanks!!§ Matthew

                                          • avatar Nosca Khalid 2

                                            Hi! Thank you…you are very helpful but I can’t pass the initial stages. It keeps saying that my info is incomplete. 1) Philippine is not listed so how do I provide KDP with a bank account? 2) I am a Filipino living and working in Saudi Arabia. Do I have to fill the tax info even if I am not an American? Thanks!