How To Raise JV Finance Successfully

How To Raise JV Finance Successfully
ZINA SULTANA SECURES OVER £7.8M FOR A LARGE COMMERCIAL TO RESIDENTIAL CONVERSION PROJECT! It's always been said that your NETWORK is your NET-WORTH. I have built up my business around that. I have built up a property portfolio of over £21M in London using other people's money. For a lot of us, we don't even know where to start. For others, it may be the fact that due to sheer frustration of trial and error, we just want to give up.Over the past three years, I have developed a step-by-step guide as to how you too can go out there and 'Raise a Million' whether it be for property or business transactions. I have been using this BLUEPRINT for the last 3 years and has enabled me to raise over £21M of pure JV finance.I am very passionate about what I do and what I teach. I will help you create a genuine opportunity for your investors to make a profit for their business as well as ensuring you get paid a fair and reasonable fee in exchange for the work you have done.   BOOK NOW  Come and find out about How To Raise JV Finance successfully and how Zina Sultana has raised over £21million+ in just over 18 months from private investors. ***How To Raise A Million Secrets*** Have you got property deals that need funding? Where do I find investors? What are the key secrets to raising JV finance? How do you approach the investor? Got rent to rent or serviced apartment deals, but no funding? What documents do I need? How do I seal the deal? The last event was an even bigger success than we had anticipated. We had a full house, standing room only and an amazing response from all our attendees. I have been inundated with messages and calls asking when our next event will be. Due to high demand I will be holding one final event for the summer on Saturday 22nd July! Having the right connections is one of the untold secrets of raising or borrowing money for your business. In fact, it’s a recipe for success in life. Raising capital is not just about having a good business plan or knowing how to sell yourself; more important is who you know. Are you socially connected to the elites of society? Raising capital is not only a game of skill, its a peoples game. A skill that will serve you for life..  BOOK NOW  * Get to know Zina on a 1-1 basis  * Ask her as many questions as you need to * Get personal * Get connected  * Limited availability   BOOK NOW 

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