How to Remove Computer Virus Manually and Automatically

All the computer users are aware of the computer viruses. However, though everyone uses a computer daily, no one really knows how to remove these unexpected intruders. After reading this article you will learn the basics about a computer virus and ways to remove them manually as well as automatically.

Do You Have a Computer Virus?

If you ever suspect a virus in your computer, before taking any further step, confirm whether your computer is really infected with a virus!

The most common symptoms of a virus are: –

* Popping up with many unknown errors
* Blue error screens, etc.
* Computer running very slow
* Random PC reboots
* Displaying constantly ads windows

If any of the above happens, your computer is likely infected by viruses. There is no need to panic. Be assured you can also fix your computer viruses yourself.

How to Remove Computer Viruses Automatically?

The easiest and fastest way to remove a virus from a computer is via fastest and easiest way to remove a computer virus is to run antivirus software. For that you will have to install a computer virus removal tool like Optimo AV in your PC.

Here are the steps to remove viruses automatically: –

1. Close all running processes: –
Before running any antivirus software make sure that you have saved all your data and all the programs are saved. This is because the antivirus software reboots your PC. Therefore, close all the running programs. Only then, run a scan.

2. Update your antivirus software: –
A good antivirus software should always have the auto-update feature in order to update the virus databases time to time.

3. Detect and remove computer virus: –
Scan the computer with the help of an antivirus software and detect the computer virus and all the other malicious software. Then, remove the detected computer virus and other malicious items.

How to Remove Computer Virus Manually?

If you also want to know the way for a manual virus removal, you can try go through the following steps:

1. Remove suspicious programs from Add/Remove Programs

Most of the PC viruses enter into your computer with the spyware programs. To remove them you will have to remove the suspicious files and programs from your PC.
To do this, scan your PC in safe mode and press F8 while your PC reboots. After that, click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
A list of all the installed programs will appear on your PC. From there you can easily look for viruses and spyware and then delete them.

2. Delete Virus Files

The list of files related to a specific virus can be searched for through the Internet. Then, you can just look for these files on your computer and delete them permanently.

3. Delete unnecessary Registry Entries

In a computer the viruses add some registry entries when they were installed on your computer. You can easily remove those redundant registries by yourself and hence the virus will completely flush out from your PC.

Moser Dittmer is a PC security expert who reviews anti-spyware software and antivirus software on the web. He is also an expert in professional computer virus removal methods. This will be shown on this article.

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