How to Run Linux on Windows

To use Linux on your desktop you really do not need to be a high end computer expert. It is not so scary or difficult to work in Linux environment. The various desktop Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, and open SUSE etc. are far more easy to use than other operating systems. So give it a try as there are various ways to run Linux software on Windows. You will find it more convenient to run Linux on Windows rather than the other way round with free Linux distribution. You really do not need to leave Windows to use Linux. If you opt to go for Linux courses and Linux certification, it will help you to know more about Linux world enabling you to make career out of it.

The Easiest Way

If you have completed your Linux certification course, you probably already know that the most convenient option is to go for a computer which has pre-installed Linux. You may not find it at local shops but van definitely order on-line from vendors like Emperor Linux, Eight Virtues, ZaReason, System76,Los Alamos Computers etc. along with major vendors like Dell, HP and Lenovo. But this not a cost effective option. So do not be upset as there are many other options left to have Linux and Windows simultaneously and get the best of both the worlds and having a Linux certification will help you gain a better insight of all the available options, including their pros and cons.

Few Ways to run Linux Software on Windows

Give the following methods a try and you will never regret:

* Virtual Machines: It is one of the best way to run any operating systems as it includes better hardware utilization, installation and running of any application. It also has the power to run multiple Oss. You can install the third party free virtualization software like Virtual Box, Windows Hyper -VOR VMware Player. Just download an ISO file for Linux and install it inside your virtual machine in the similar way you install something on a standard computer.
* Live USB and live CDs: These contain the full operating system.
* Installation of Ubuntu via Wubi: Technically this method installs Linux and do not run Linux software on Windows. Wubi, the software installer for Ubuntu creates a special file which can be used as Ubuntu drive without any partitioning.
* Cygwin:A collection of tools which gives a Linux-like shell environment on Windows

The Best Way

Linux Integration Service is considered to be the best to run Linux on Windows (LIS).Microsoft has developed drivers for Linux Oss which are basically synthetic drivers and the disks enhances I/O and networking performance. To ensure consent with Linux World, these drivers have been cross checked into the main Linux Kernel code base. Microsoft created LIS open source so that you will be able to build from source and do the required changes to the code and anyone who has completed a Linux certification course can easily do this. The latest LIS package is 3.5.

You can install Linux without killing off your existing Windows installation. Simply follow these instructions and you can live in perfect harmony with Linux system alongside Windows.



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