How to self-publish and promote e-books

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Before you start publishing, what you need is:


Book description from

 . Smashwords requires a lengthy and short description, so please be prepared. [I usually combine short and long descriptions in Amazon publications].


List of seven keywords from

 . I recommend checking Google to investigate common keyword searches for the types of books you use. For example, "science fiction" is quite extensive and may get you on the page 1,000,000,000 or lower. However, "alien invasion colonization" will narrow the scope and make you higher in the search list – yes, people will search like this. You will be amazed at the keywords they use.


book cover from

 . If you are lucky enough to be more proficient in graphic arts than I can, then you can purchase images from iStock or Shutterstock. MorgueFile has free images available, but I recommend asking photographers to allow their photos to be used as book covers, which is a polite [I have done this a few times and they are usually flattered to allow it if you send Give them a free copy of a book]. If you like me and your skills are limited, then you can hire it. Check Smashwords for a list of reasonably priced graphic artists who can help.

Once your novel is complete from

 Get a copy Smashwords style guide By Mark Shack, the founder of Smashwords. Go to Smashwords to create a free account to download eBooks. I strongly recommend that you follow their formatting steps carefully, as it is critical to include them in their advanced catalog through their "grinder" process. This is an intensive evaluation process to ensure that your books are properly displayed on eBook readers and eBook reader applications, and the guidelines are strict. Don't be discouraged if you are rejected several times and must be reformatted – sometimes I need to reformat and download multiple times through this process to get approval for the Premium directory. Included in this directory will distribute your books to almost everyone, but Amazon. The process of publishing on Amazon is different, but it's simple. I recommend posting it first through Smashwords, because if you complete their process and are accepted by the Advanced Directory, you can rest assured that it will appear on Amazon without any hindrance. Set up the Smashwords account to publish and go to Dashboard to begin the publishing process.

Process released through Amazon from

 It's easier. I recommend reading Kill Kindle 2018: No blog, Facebook or build platform , Michael Alvear. It provides hints for categories and keywords that are entered at the time of publication so that more people searching for it "see" your book. To post, first visit Kindle Direct. If you have an Amazon account, you can use your Amazon login to enter. From here, they will guide you through the process. It may take up to 72 hours for your book to be published, but my experience is that it will be available on Amazon within 24-36 hours.

The best news is that posting in this way is free.

Here are more instructions for self-publishing to make the process smoother:

• I recommend that your manuscript be professionally proofread by someone who doesn't know you personally. Of course, if you know someone you feel willing to give it an objective reading, go ahead. If not, you can check the Goodreads for beta and proofreader groups, which may point in the right direction for your type proofreader. Advance warnings, this process can be a bit expensive, but once you get along with someone, they usually lock you at a lower rate.

• The standard price of e-books ranges from $0.99 to $2.99, usually resulting in the highest sales. $2.99 ​​allows you to get a 70% royalty, but when I lowered the price of all the novels to $1.99, I found that my book sales increased. I usually priced a long story or a novella for $0.99.

• If you also publish via Smashwords, you will not be able to enter your book in KDP. The KDP Select program is only available for books published through Amazon. If you choose to publish only through Amazon, it depends on you. Although most of my sales are there, I also get a fair amount of sales through the Apple iBooks store, and occasionally through Barnes & Noble, so I don't want to alienate those people.

• If you are publishing on Amazon, you will also need to set up the Amazon Authors page. Again, you can use regular Amazon logins, which will guide you through the process. Once you publish, you will need to visit this website to claim your books – this is not automatic.

• If you use Goodreads, you will also need to pick up your books there. I recommend declaring it on both your Amazon author page and Goodreads, so you will have all of Amazon's ASIN numbers to enter Goodreads so they can link to it.

• If you do not have a royalty for a PayPal account, please set one before publishing. Both Amazon and Smashwords can quickly and easily transfer your royalty through PayPal. Be sure to get the app for your phone so you can process these payments quickly and easily [I use a personal account].

• I also recommend that you convert your manuscript to PDF for download to your copy and reviewer. Search for "Free PDF Converter" online. Most of them will allow you to convert some documents for free every day.

• If you would like to apply for a book copyright normally, you can visit https://eco.copyright.gov. Its price is $35, you must first publish this book. Be sure to use a credit card and be prepared to download PDF files for them. Don't be surprised if it takes 6 months or more – they will slow down.

Finally, I don't have the experience of self-publishing paperback books. I haven't sold paperback books since 2012, and I'm realistic enough to know that those who have asked me who are able to provide this book in the form of paperbacks won't really buy them because they are type Look for a convenient excuse. But I am also a tree hug, so I like e-books and just publish them in that format.

This is a quick start for your self-publishing. Once published, you can move from writing and publishing to promoting published works.

Self-publishing is great, giving you a lot of freedom to run specials on your books to promote sales, but 100% control also means 100% responsibility. You can push this book to the world. However, through the publication of vanity publishing houses and publishing houses, I can tell you from experience that in any case, the promotion will be your responsibility. They won't do that. They just sent the book to the world and cut it off at the time of sale.

In terms of promotion, the type of e-book promotion web search you write is your best choice. Social media [Twitter and Facebook] also has a lot of promotional posts. Sorry, I can't provide a specific place to see more accurately, but reaching the reader is really a needle in a haystack, because a lot of things come and go. I often share what I run on social media, but this is what you need to know when doing your own searches:

• Pay attention to fraud. There are many places that are happy to use your money for promotions, but they won't offer any sales methods. Use a lot of insight when deciding whether the promotion you are considering really covers your target audience.

• Book sales have brought me the best results. You can easily change the price when you publish it yourself. Consider operating sales from time to time. For example, I often sell one of my $1.99 novels for $1.99 for a three-day period [usually Tuesday-Thursday]. Be sure to promote it on social media [Twitter is the best result for me, but maybe your Facebook friends will really pay attention to posts that are better than me].

• Book reviews are another good sales incentive. Unfortunately, reviewers may be picky, and many of the better reviewers will charge a fee to review it. For example, I am a commentator for Reader's Favorite. You can request a free review, but if you pay $59 for a quick review, you are more likely to be mentioned. However, if you get a five-star review, you can get a special seal and use the ambiguous information in Amazon's comments.

• November and December are important moments for holiday advertising. You can review special services and include your books with others in the "Ad Blitz". They may ask you for prizes for prizes or sweepstakes – I usually provide the books I advertise for free. Some people may ask you to participate in discussions or social media events on certain days. You can do this at home, but make sure your schedule allows you to use it online for hours. Make sure you understand their requirements. I find that more and more people are not allowed to passively pay for fees and advertise – they usually want you to interact with participants online.

• If you don't have a profile about Goodreads, get one. This is a social media site dedicated to books and the best place to reach readers and other writers. Set up profiles for readers and authors, link your books to author dashboards, and participate in groups in your genre. This is a great place to find readers, reviewers, betas and proofreaders, reading and writing advice. In addition, you can get advertising and promotional tips. This is where I found a lot of promotional information!

• Unless you are a literary writer, don't waste your time and money on getting book rewards. Most of them are in this direction and have no other opportunities. Of course they encourage everyone to enter because they want your admission fee, but you don't really have a chance to win or even place it unless it is…

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