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Except for a very small number of people, all of us use money to buy what we need in this world. We shop in various places. Sometimes we are satisfied with the products we buy. Sometimes we feel cheated because we didn't get our money. In order to avoid being cheated, we must know how to shop wisely.

Shopping smartly just means not wasting money on useless goods. We must be careful to buy. While we are not sure that the products we buy are really worth our money, we can minimize the risk of buying defective products. Here are some suggestions on how to do this.

Priority is given to checking the price of the goods first. The law requires the store to display price tags for all items. Goods without a price tag should be avoided. It would be better if we compare the prices of goods in different places. We may be shocked by the price difference. Finding the money saved by the best exchanges is usually worth the time spent on it.

Next, check the expiration date of the perishable goods. Items that do not have an expiration date or items that have expired should not be purchased. Buying cheap tuna at a much lower price is just to find that the content is inedible when we open it, which is stupid.

The condition of the item we intend to purchase should be checked. For example, the cans should be inspected for dents and rust. If the can shows any of these signs, then they should not be bought. The contents of these cans are often unsatisfactory. The freshness of vegetables and meat should be checked. Don't be fooled by the fascinating packaging. Look at the project itself and make sure it's worth it.

When buying something that must be weighed, it is a good idea to witness it. When there is nothing on the balance, make sure the needle reading is zero. Short weighing is easy.

When paying at the counter, it's best to make sure you enter or scan the price correctly. Keep the receipt in case you want to return or exchange. Calculate changes after paying for the item you purchased. There are many unscrupulous traders who will be short of customers.

Finally we should only buy what we need. We are often attracted to attractive sales gimmicks and buy things we have never used before. This is a waste of money. If you keep it for too long, perishable goods will die. Buying fresh things is better than abandoning old useless things. In this way, we wisely spend our hard earned money instead of wasting it.

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