How to stop facial flushing in public speaking

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First of all, if you encounter facial flushing in a public speaking, then you are not alone. Millions of patients around the world are dealing with this problem every day. I was surprised to find that my boss actually blushed in a large interview with a potential customer. She said she was not used to stress. But this is very strange, because in an informal situation, she is very bold, confident, and has no signs of impulsiveness. On the other hand, I have experienced blushing in many informal and formal situations. When everyone's eyes are focused on me, the mood is more intense, but I remember eating Mexican food with my mother, and actually rushing to wash it.

I started to study the causes and treatments of this situation and to find out if there is a solution. The purpose of this article is to present a summary of my findings based on my personal experience. I hope they are useful to you, no matter how you wash them.

It is safe to say that there are a number of factors that cause redness or blush on the face and neck. They include stress, diet and indigestion, as well as constant unnecessary fear. I first stress the pressure, because the constant tension of the body and mind leads to countless diseases. I understand that stress can weaken the digestive tract, making you more sensitive to food and even causing allergies. A doctor who specializes in facial flushing told me that blushing is actually like a signal flare, telling you what is wrong with your body. In most cases, this means your digestive system will not be hit and your stress is too great. After learning this, I immediately changed my diet and reduced alcohol, gluten and dairy products. As a pressure reducer, I also started to do more massage every month.

However, at this point, I am used to expecting facial flushing in public speeches. I have found that my constant unnecessary fear is now part of my normal thinking process and is actually preventing me from staying calm. I studied cognitive behavioral therapy [CBT], which is often used to treat social anxiety and facial flushing. I also found many reports about the success of hypnotherapy. The main goal of both approaches is to retrain thinking from triggers that appear to be threatening but not so. For example, when I started speaking at the conference, I immediately feared that what I said was stupid, boring or irrelevant, and everyone was judging me. That's too bad! Choosing to try CBT and Hypnotherapy is one of the best decisions I made, because my facial flushing is almost non-existent, I don't even worry about it!

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