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    • avatar Makenzie Tanner 1

      Thank you!

      • avatar Syed Hasnain 1

        Book name???

        • avatar Tony Edwards 1

          Great vids!

          Can I ask, I'm a mature computer science student in my third year. I've been bouncing around HTML,CSS, javaScript, JQuery and Python due to my modules. I'm struggling to choose between concentrating on javaScript or Python, what would you advise?

          • avatar Sinothi Phoswa 1

            i have to learn this Michael Thomas

            • avatar Romel Madray 1

              Can you please recommend a good book for Javacript with projects

              • avatar Ewan McDonnell 1

                What can I teach myself instead of web development before there is a glut of web developers?

                • avatar PRAFFUL M V 0


                  • avatar TheCoffeeAddictedWriter 1

                    I'm one of those weird autodidacts that MUST purchase a physical copy of every technical book as I love paper, taking notes along the margins and using stickies. My two friends who are giving coding a go swear by e-books. And the book you're holding up in the thumbnail, I have looked at that book 100 times on AMZN over the past couple years, but never purchased It or its companion HTML & -CSS text. Also, every point you make is the honest truth, no substitutes. For those that loose motivation along the way, please try to find a coding buddy here and there just as many people have gym buddies. It's a great rejuvenator of self-motivation and motivating others.

                    • avatar Thomas Kubrak 1

                      Great video Michael! Keep helping people out with their dreams an goals!

                      • avatar Quack Productionz 1

                        ive been too college and did web but never really learned it we really just did projects for a deadline then got a cert never really learned it to be able to make sites for other people as freelance always annoys me about education places never learn what you need

                        • avatar Usama Ashraf 1

                          Could you please link me to the online public forums to chit chat with experienced people around the world?

                          • avatar Captn Kirk 0

                            Awesome video bro! Thank you!

                            • avatar ganesh chiram 1

                              Peace !
                              Good info sir.

                              • avatar SupremeSeeker 2

                                I'm unsure of what order to learn. Should I learn the treehouse courses first then do projects or vice versa? Or do both at the same time?

                                • avatar Usama Ashraf 2

                                  How much an ordinary person earn from html/css and js/jquery as a part-time?

                                  • avatar WolfMastaMKWii 1

                                    Hi, I'm a college student studying web design and development. I've been going through a lot of your videos recently. You give some great advice and help me feel very confident in this path that I am taking! Thanks!

                                    • avatar Banty Nagar 1

                                      you r doing bored do showing do something then we get don't talkk amore i don't like in conversation do something and then upload your video

                                      • avatar Julian Monge Araya 1

                                        Great video, I'm a 13 year old. I know tons about hardware but nothing about programming. I know a lot about computers and I have a lot of interest on learning web design or start programming. I need a program that is not to expensive in case that this is not my thing. I have a lot of free time but I don't want to spend hours every single day but im willing to be consistent. Please recommend something or it would be even better if I could contact you and you can help me even more, love the clarity of your voice and the good content. Keep it up, cheers.

                                        • avatar Landon Rose 2

                                          Love the video!

                                          • avatar Gaza Imp 1

                                            Is that a Manc accent I hear?