How to use keywords to bring traffic to your cleaning business website

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For potential customers to find your site via an Internet search, you need to focus on specific keyword phrases that might be used to search for your cleaning business. Use keyword phrases to build a single page… words that describe your business. When search engines visit your site, they look for these keywords on your pages.

Each page has elements in the code that help the search engine determine the content of your site. There are a number of steps you can take to "optimize" your site and make the page "search engine friendly."

title from

 – This is the title of the page. When doing an Internet search, the title is the underlined text in the first line of results. The title will also appear in the blue bar at the top of the browser window.

description from

 – This is a brief description of your web page. When you do an Internet search, the description is below the title, so you want this feature to be enough for people to click through to your site.

Key words from

 – These are keyword phrases that you think people are searching to find this particular page. If this is your carpet cleaning page, you will be using Carpet Cleaning in the keyword phrase list.

main body from

 – Use some variations of keyword phrases throughout the text, but be careful not to overuse the phrase or the search engine will adversely affect you. Focus on using keyword phrases in the first and last paragraphs. In addition, keyword phrases are used in bulleted and numbered lists.

big ball from

 – Include anchor text in the body of the web page. For example, on the home page, you can include a link to the carpet cleaning service page. Hyperlink "Carpet Cleaning Service" phrase instead of saying "Click here to visit our carpet cleaning service page". When creating the "About Us" page, include your full name in the keyword phrase because people might search for you by name.

Keep in mind that people read your pages, so while it’s important to optimize your pages for search engines, your content must still be read. Once each page is optimized, you can start using your website.

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