How to use the cold weather to quickly increase sales and customers

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With today's easy communication, connectivity and interaction, restaurants and retail businesses can now offer their customers unique and free services that were not possible in the past. For example: "Check your valet for your coat text – coat." As the cold weather and holidays approach, your client's coat and bulky package can be a real hassle. Why not offer a free coat/package delivery service that allows retail customers to have restaurant customers buy or deliver to the table when they are ready to leave, rather than waiting for a long queue after a meal? In both cases, you can not only provide very popular services, but also collect valuable contact information for your customers. Customers only need to text when they are ready to coat. When your employees are ready to leave, simply bring the item to the table or department of the customer's retail store.

Particularly useful in restaurants, where waiting for an extra 10-15 minutes in a crowded vestibule is considered normal, customers will be happy to accept the convenience of this new service, even if it means they may be from your business Receive future text.

The "shopping cart" retail store can provide customers with additional, free, time-saving services that allow their shopping carts to "pre-fill" favorite or bulky items for future access. Your employees only need to add the customer's favorite, daily, heavy, hard-to-reach or heavy items to the customer's shopping cart in advance. Moms will love you because they have already added diapers, formula, toilet paper and water to the shopping cart when they arrive, saving convenience! There is only one area, the carts are neatly arranged and organized in alphabetical order, and when new customers see the convenience of saving time, your new free service will take off like a wildfire.

There are many ways to enhance the customer experience with off-the-shelf free technology. Buying a smartphone specifically for your business is the first step in providing a multitude of time-saving, value-added services that can make your customers feel appreciated and their time and money are valued. Just like marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuk said: "I think there are billions of dollars in companies and brands that will go bankrupt because they think they are very high and will not interact with consumers in the way they should….. . "I totally agree. No matter where you are, you can get and use your smartphone or mom and pop pizzeria on your smartphone, so you can attract and value customers in a real, helpful way. Why do your local customers shop or dine elsewhere?

Thinking and participating outside the box, your business will thrive. Think about your own involvement, no matter how big your marketing efforts and budget, you will make yourself irrelevant.

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