1. Shambhu Mehta Shambhu Mehta

    My site is in jsp , can we apply wordpress

  2. Harold Wright Harold Wright

    thanks for this.

  3. Sean Archer Sean Archer

    Now that you've seen this, if you're at all serious about your website, do NOT build it with WordPress… it's a POS platform with more problems than JayZ… stay away…

  4. Corporate Groupie Corporate Groupie

    What do you call it if I want to build a site on its own platform and not use WordPress, Wix, WooCommerce etc.?

  5. Uzair Hameed Uzair Hameed

    amazing one now ill try this and will tel lyou is that really amazing hahaha

  6. Toriano Evans Toriano Evans

    THANKS!!! One of THE Best Tutorials on WordPress. Like others, I looked around for an easy way for my clients to update without getting lost in the control panel and this will solve it. It's Aug 2016 and it still works on the latest version of WP, for all those wondering.

  7. A.A A.A

    There is no HTML option in Pages on the new WordPress anymore. I followed all the steps and everything was going great but now I'm still on that part. Where do I paste the HTML content I want to change now? Do I need to install a plugin? Please help. 🙁

  8. Hayley Shaye Hayley Shaye

    Thank you!! This is literally the only resource i could find for actual developers wanting to use wordpress as a CMS. I hope this is still relevant as 6 years in a long time in the web world.

  9. Bart 0344 Bart 0344

    How do I change the css, it doesn't work for my, I just pasted my css code in the style.css of the default theme and it doesn't do anything

  10. hassan hafez hassan hafez

    Very good man. Excellent Job … you saved me time !!

  11. AmyK752 AmyK752

    I have my css saved in a separate file as well as all my images, I followed the video but how can I get the separate files to work with the new template??

  12. Ricardo Mazeto Ricardo Mazeto

    Haha!. I thought it was much more complicated! Nice tutorial!

  13. Bartłomiej Skrzyczek Bartłomiej Skrzyczek

    Awesome tutorial from awesome man on awesome channel!

  14. Alan Peck Alan Peck

    Great Video Mike and you are a good teacher

  15. Shadow Creative Shadow Creative

    OK, just asking because I am really hoping to utilize the info in this tutorial shortly…But is this all still valid after four years? I ask because everything seems cool up until I get to "taking the code from the page.php" part…..I see no file named this in the default wordpress files. Has anyone been able to follow this video lately and have the steps come out all valid and working??? If anyone knows of a newer tut on how todo this, I'd be greatly appreciative!!! Thanks!

  16. T.O. Beats T.O. Beats

    I find this to be one of the most helpful videos I have found but I am stuck on something. I tried to do this for a site I was working with locally but it did not pull in my images references from my image file. In my markup i have <img src="/images/csslv-logo2.png"alt="CSS Logo" /> but it pulls in broken. Any ideas on how to fix this? Perhaps you could create another tut on the initial setup for this? Thanks!


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