How to write a video game concept statement

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A game concept statement or premise is a brief and direct description of the game's situation. It describes the player's goals, the opposition to the goals, and the means to achieve them. When the narrative part of the script is processed separately, the game concept statement is like a movie script. In fact, gameplay is described because it affects some elements of storytelling. A short example might look like this:

"In trick or treat, the player's character is trapped in the maze of the ancient haunted house. They must escape by destroying hostile monsters, avoiding traps and solving the maze. The trick is a third-person perspective action game."

The purpose of this article is to give readers an idea of ​​the game. It should answer these basic questions:

  • What is the goal of the game?
  • How is the goal of the game done?
  • What are the challenges facing the game?
  • Where is the game held?

Most people want to add marketing terminology and implementation details. This is just a mistake. The report says it is the best game of all time, or it will be used for the PS10 in 2020, but this does not reinforce the concept. Frankly speaking, this statement is about this concept. The concept is a general high-level concept. For example, the concept of a car does not start with the carbon fiber of the Indianapolis 500.

Don't include the following elements in your writing:

  • Game platform [eg NES because I am retro chic]
  • Game rating [eg mature "M"]
  • Gameplay details [such as controls]
  • Game programming details [such as using recursive algorithms to increase speed]
  • Marketing [eg "more exciting than riding a roller coaster"]

There are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes it's important to add implementation details. These are very rare situations, such as only for developing new controllers or games for non-standard gaming platforms. In these cases, it makes sense to touch the details.

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