How video takes over content marketing

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Working with video production companies in marketing campaigns will help you harness the power of visual content. Although video production is undoubtedly one of the best places to invest, the competition is fierce, especially for small companies. As an entrepreneur, you must think creatively in your development strategy.

Using video as a tool is one of the best technologies you can use today to stay ahead. There are many other types of promotional materials to choose from, but the visual effects are clearly competitive. The transition from print content to visual effects is inevitable, and if you want to grow your business, you can get a deeper understanding of this innovative marketing tool.

The importance of video production services

Imagine; according to a recent Aberdeen survey, companies that invested in such promotional tools grew 49%. A similar study was published in Forbes By 2019, 81% of network traffic will use this format. The same report says embedding visual content in marketing emails can increase clickthrough rates by 200-300%. On the landing page, it can increase conversion rates by 80%.

There is more data showing why this is the most powerful technology for brands that want to stay ahead of the competition. These figures also indicate cooperation with them from

Video production company from

 Will enhance the performance of the business. In fact, 64% of customers said that if they watch promotional ads, they are more likely to buy products, which is enough for them to work with the best video production companies.

According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Association [CMI], these tools are more popular than other forms of communication, including infographics, online presentations, mobile applications, research reports, white papers, and email blogs. There is no denying that video is popular in the market. As a business owner, this is an indispensable technology in your marketing strategy.

How did this happen? Take a look:

  1. Easy to produce: Especially when working with the best teams in the industry, it's easy to produce high quality products. Story creation and high-performance production can be easily collected from your employees, customers, and other videos viewed online.
  2. Affordability: This is a more affordable option to provide you with important marketing data compared to running a print campaign. You can use the resources available in the company, including people, props and locations.
  3. Versatility: Whether you want to launch a product, explain how it works, promote your brand, educate your customers or entertain, visual content can do all of this easily. You can even achieve a variety of goals with a single production. This is one of the most popular promotional techniques today.
  4. Sharing: If you are pursuing brand awareness and visibility, there is no better tool than this. Different studies have shown that most viewers share what they watch, and in fact, visual effects are most popular on social media platforms.

Professionally created brand visual content is powerful, versatile and efficient, and is a commercial tool.

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