Humorous thinking about women

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For a long time, writers, poets, entertainers, and comedians tried to understand women's thoughts, but they were in vain. There are various reflections on the nature of women, many of which are very lively. Please read it carefully to find out the answer.

They went:

· Women and cats will do whatever they want, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

· A woman is like a tea bag. She only knows her strength in hot water.

· If women do not exist, all the money in the world is meaningless.

· When a woman is on the right, she knows how to stay quiet, and when a man is on the right, she will continue to speak.

· Being a woman is a very difficult task because it involves dealing with men.

· No matter what women do, they must be twice as many as men to be considered to be half. Fortunately, this is not difficult.

· Only three things are needed in women's life: food, water and compliments.

· Good girl goes to heaven. The bad girl is walking around.

· For those who think that women live in the kitchen, remember that it is where the tools are saved.

· Women's minds are cleaner than men. She often changes it.

Dear girls, if a person pauses a video game, just to text you and marry him.

· Never underestimate the power of a woman who is extremely angry.

· If women rule the world, there will be no war. It’s just that a group of sly countries don’t talk to each other.

· Remember that women always have the last sentence in the debate. Anything added by a person is the beginning of a new argument.

· Cinderella proves that a new pair of shoes can change your life.

· Only 2 things can change a woman's mood: I] I love you II] 50% discount

· Women are like police, they can have all the evidence in the world, but they still need to plead guilty.

· You can temporarily break a woman, but a real woman will always clean up the mess, rebuild herself, and be stronger than ever.

· Every woman is very beautiful. Just need the right person to see it.

· Women: Everyone likes them, but no one understands them.

· Most women start to change a man, and when they change him, they don't like him.

All in all, these are some humorous thoughts about women who have soared over time. I hope you like them and get some insights. There is no right or wrong – only thinking can do this. Intractable diseases?

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