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    • avatar Johnny Best 0

      How do you know which keywords are converting for you. I'm guessing you know which campaigns are converting by looking at the back office of Clickbank. Do you have a separate tracking software.

      • avatar Saad Marsil 2

        go to https://www.fiverr.com/omarmarsil/sell-200-dollar-bing-ads-coupon to get a 200 dollar bing ad coupon or reach me in skype aknoologia.marsil

        • avatar Skye Masterson 1

          Looking to set up my first Bing PPC campaign for my limo svc here in San Francisco, will your course help me?

          • avatar Amanda Noble 1

            Hey! I have a CPA work from home offer… will your course help me with my CPA program?

            • avatar Nissan TitanWarrior 1

              Your payment page isn't working for me, through PayPal or my card

              • avatar L T 1

                I'm interested in the training course. Will it helped if I purchase the Premium Package of related keywords? Or is it all included the training course?

                • avatar cjadream7 2

                  Wow… I have buying related keywords on a couple of campaigns right now and it hasn't gotten me anywhere. Two clicks in 48 hours. Sigh…

                  • avatar Annas Khan 1

                    i want to get your course
                    is you have udemy course or fiverr