I want a serious relationship – the important reason for the relationship title

I have had a relationship with a man for three years, where we have sex and we spend it together every day. After about six months of leisure, I want to know if our relationship is serious. But he did not ask a question: Will you be my girlfriend? So I asked if he should. He kept silent, thought about it, asked me a few questions, and said yes. Let us call our relationship title boyfriend and girlfriend. I was ecstatic in my imagination. But somehow, the event ended up feeling very empty and empty. In a way, I think I persuaded him to be my boyfriend, but it didn't feel right.

I think I was lucky in that relationship. The man I dated was very strong about my decision. He decided to put a headline on our leisure relationship and make it a serious relationship. But for many other women, the relationship between them became very casual, and even after seeing the same man for many years, he managed to convince her that "the relationship title is not important."

Later, I experienced this with another man who I seriously looked at the father of the future child. I love him very much, I am so attached to him, two years later, when he said: "Marriage is just a piece of paper. It can't guarantee anything." ' I see you every day, isn't it enough?& #39;,' Don't you know that I love you?','Why do you need me to use a piece to prove my love for you? 'etc I convinced Maybe he is a little bit interesting. Maybe it doesn't matter. If I really love him, I won't force him to make a decision he doesn't want to do now. So I waited. Finally, he hurt my heart and left me. Because he fell in love with another girl.

What I want to say here is that you have the right to want what you want. Except for "you want it", you don't need any other reason to want what you want. If you have a way of being loved with a man who truly loves you, he will try to make you happy. If he takes your relationship seriously, he will want to give your relationship a clear title. He will hope that you ban other men. He will be the one who desperate to make you his.

So if you calmly let the man you are dating know that having a relationship title is important to you, you can't build a relationship with him without it. He still has no concessions. It's time to choose the best thing for you. go away.

Men will give you the right reasons and don't want to build relationships. But don't you know that there is always any reason to support and oppose any decision? And you want him to choose to be with you, anyway, right? You should be cherished, loved and worshipped by the man you love. Give yourself a gift and protect your heart, just like a man who truly loves you. I found my prince. when will you?

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