ICICI Bank NRI Home Loan – ICICI Bank NRI Mortgage Interest Rate Unique Advantage

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ICICI Bank offers a variety of home loans. They offer a variety of loans to meet people's needs. Different people have different interests and needs. Therefore, different people can choose different types of loans according to their own requirements. ICICI Bank NRI loans are well known. The bank offers many services to NRI. ICICI Bank NRI services are listed here.

  • Partial prepaid facility with zero fee.
  • The doorstep service in India is until payment.
  • Free personal accident insurance for loan balances.
  • Indian home loan online application facility.
  • Track the status of your Indian Home loan application online.
  • Attractive interest rates are reduced every month.
  • Choose between a fixed rate and a floating rate.

These are the various benefits that the bank offers. ICICI Bank NRI home loans are not readily available. They have certain eligibility criteria to sanction NRI loans. According to his/her needs, the applicant can purchase land, build a new house and buy a new house. The various eligibility criteria are age, accommodation status and income. The minimum age for applicants should be 23 years old. The maximum age allowed for a paid applicant is 60 years, and the maximum period for self-employed applicants is 65 years.

This maximum age limit is the maximum age allowed when the loan expires. The minimum stay for a paid applicant is 1 year and the self-employed applicant is 3 years. The ICICI Bank NRI rate is expressed by the floating reference rate [FRR] and PLR. The most recent FRR has changed from 13.25% to 12.75%, and the PLR ​​has changed from 15.25% to 14.75%.

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