IELTS Speaking Test: Don't lose your mark due to native language bias

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The IELTS speaking test is a test of your oral English. The correct pronunciation maintains the correct grammatical application and extensive vocabulary. Candidates from non-English speaking countries are always difficult to speak in fluent English and keep all correct pronunciations during the exam. In fact, in order to preserve the correct grammar and correct sentence structure, candidates often subconsciously misread vocabulary and entangle his native language bias, especially if he comes from a non-English media background. He should say that getting rid of native language bias is not an easy task for anyone or everyone. If he is a candidate, he has never learned English and has never been mixed with English friends, that is their English. A tough task to get rid of his language bias. Such candidates are usually born and raised in a non-English environment.

So, if such a candidate’s dream comes true and chooses to learn higher in an English-speaking country? Shouldn't you try it? No, let him be happy with anything about himself: Is this the right answer? Of course not, this is an absolute pessimistic attitude towards life. Anyone who dares to dream come true and is eager to succeed and shine in life is just one of the obstacles that need to be overcome, and of course some sincere efforts. Although it's easier said than done, in order to thrive in life, you can't expect to walk through a rose, and the struggle will be there to overcome and move on. Therefore, let us take the non-English media background and ordinary candidates in non-English speaking countries as examples to find and propose some realistic solutions to solve the real problem.

It is worth mentioning that we will discuss those who have at least a basic knowledge of English. We are not talking about people who need to start from scratch. So our discussion is about how to get rid of native language prejudice and speak English with the correct pronunciation. Candidates who want to get rid of their mother tongue bias and become fluent speakers at the same time should:

1] Start listening and speaking in English from the first day. Talking to someone who speaks English is the best idea.

2] Develop the habit of regularly listening to and watching international English news on TV channels.

3] Observe the lip movement ' The news reader will help him pronounce correctly.

4] Watch the debate show ' or ' talk show to improve his "build sentences" skills. In the right way.

5] When speaking in English, try to imitate the pronunciation of English speakers, do not copy their accents, they do not have to be an imitator.

6] Listen to the IELTS audio samples, which are available on the Internet in large quantities, just download and listen.

7] Read the English news newspaper aloud and copy it, and correct the pronunciation error after listening.

People should follow and stick to the whole process, no more than three months. He should make a noticeable change in his spoken English. More importantly, he should get rid of his native prejudice. In some cases, it may take a month or two.

A dozen suggestions can be provided on this topic, but the time span for rapid improvement in the right way varies from person to person and cannot change overnight. Therefore, a mature candidate should continue to understand his level of achievement after a few months of practicing in the manner suggested in the discussion. If necessary, he should seek advice from a knowledgeable English-speaking person to understand his level of achievement. If his level of achievement is not satisfactory, he should hire an English expert English speaking counselor to help. One or two months to strengthen the progress of his actual preparation for the IELTS speaking test. The discussion we have done so far is based on the idea of ​​“learning cheaply,” but no matter what the recommendations are, rest assured that they are tested and tested.

Now, when the candidate's English pronunciation level has improved, [of course no mother tongue bias] should be helped by the real IELTS Coaching Center. Prepare for the IELTS speaking test. To get a good score in the IELTS speaking test, you can really master "spoken English" and "spoken English." need. A diligent candidate, despite his sincere adherence to the instructions, will definitely have a big dream after getting a high score in the IELTS speaking test, after completing the training of the official IELTS Coaching Center. '

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