Important Forex News in 2018

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We all know that news is an important part of our lives. There wasn't a newspaper and a cup of hot tea, we didn't finish it in the morning. However, in addition to all the news happening around, it would be a good thing to know what happened in the country, such as business, currency exchange, and how to manage the state of the country. There are many websites, magazines and even mobile apps that people can read forex news, learn how forex brokers are progressing, and make a strong effort to maintain the national financial market. Let us know some of the latest Forex news, which will give us a deeper understanding of financial markets, foreign exchange policies and the country's overall financial situation in different countries.

The second largest amount of the Central Bank of China in the foreign exchange market in 2018

ING's economist Iris Pang confirmed that in 2018, the Central Bank of China spent $91.58 billion on foreign exchange. This has become the second largest number of foreign exchange currency purchases in 2018, and the largest amount ever purchased in foreign exchange currency was in September of the same year, reaching $119.39 billion.

This proves that foreign exchange purchases have become an integral part of national finances, and a large part of the national budget is used to purchase foreign exchange. Forex brokers are very important in managing foreign markets because they are very helpful in foreign exchange trading.

It is expected that the euro will be sideways from now on.

Various analysts at UOB said that the euro is expected to be sideways from now on. The current upward pressure has eased, and it is for this reason that the euro may now be sideways, currently in the wide range of 1.128 to 1.144. It is expected that the euro may eventually take several weeks to break through these levels. As of now, the various indicators are almost flat, and recent trends indicate the integration phase.

The dollar fell, the pound was converted to cloud nine

Pound of the United Kingdom is a clear winner of the recent conference. It has remained at its highest point for more than a week, staying at 1.29. The euro is still at 1.14, slightly upgraded due to the headlines of Brexit. Although the pound soared as mentioned above, the United States dollar’s ​​performance in most regions did not meet expectations. Except for the New Zealand dollar and the Australian dollar, it lags behind its peers.

Such news gives us a lot of details about the finances and currencies of countries, isn't it?

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