Important tips for video marketing

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Video marketing is not just a fashion that some people do, but is quickly becoming an important aspect of digital marketing strategies. As more and more companies are using video, the need for quality and the need to create works that attract viewers are more important than ever. Your attention is fiercely competitive – marketers know they only have a few seconds to attract and keep their videos, and most reports show an average of 10 seconds.

That's it. It takes only 10 seconds for the viewer to decide if they want to spend more time on your video or continue scrolling. Not a lot of time?

We’ve filled out some important tips to help you get started with video marketing:
1. Start with a script – now we don't mean a script, your reading makes your delivery stiff and uncomfortable, we mean to understand what you want to talk about and how it will flow. If you want to showcase your products, make sure they are at your fingertips. Check your lighting and remove background noise [I even put a reminder on my door to remind me of my recording].

2. Observe your own viewing habits. What attracts your attention? Peer-reviewed videos based on your business – how are they doing? How often do they post? How long is the video? Can they do better?

3. The first introduction to the video your potential customers will see is your thumbnail, so make it visually appealing and contain text.

4. Even before your thumbnails are the way they first find you, optimize your SEO description and title and tag your video with relevant keywords.

5. Your video is short, but it should be structured. First create a story as part of the video to keep your potential customers involved. Think of your video as a funnel to further attract your potential customers.

6. A tone is inevitable, but don't treat it as a video intent, giving your potential customers tips that they can use immediately.

7. Always include a call to action – this may be subtle in your video, but it's the same in your description.

8. Don't let you be the target of spreading the virus as a target for providing information content.

9. Be fun, but don't be too avant-garde [unless that is your market], if you want to spread the virus, you don't want to be viral for the wrong reasons.

10. Don't be afraid to provide subtitles for people who don't have sound. Many people who roll their feeds at work or without headphones usually watch but don't listen to the video.

There is also a bonus reminder: from

 Video marketing takes time – more time than you realize! Invest in editing software and expect you to spend hours editing, creating thumbnails and refining descriptions.

We like to listen to your video marketing challenge – have you screwed it up? What hinders you?

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