Improving the skills of Microsoft SQL Server developer

Nowadays, the IT market is becoming more competitive in such a way that having college degree seems not enough. This is the reason why many professionals are investing to obtain new skills and IT certifications. The Microsoft certification can make a way in getting into different areas of IT industry. New technologies keep on coming out every now and then and it is necessary for IT professionals to learn those new things.
The information learned many years ago may become outdated making it difficult to cope up the ever changing world of technology. Although it is expensive to take Microsoft certification, but it all pays off once you become certified.
Audience profile
The 70-462 certification examination is offered to developers whose job involves Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 technology. The candidate should have at least 2 to 5 years working experience on developing HTML based applications. Likewise, another two or more years working experience in developing applications for touch-enabled platform/interface is also required. Other working experiences required include the following:
* Designing and developing PLM for Windows Store apps
* Managing and securing the application data for Windows Store app solution
* Planning and designing of user interaction solution according to requirements
* Designing and developing of asynchronous solutions
* Creating apps in conformity to Windows Store app guidelines
The objective of this examination is to Microsoft Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases is to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the candidate in the following topics:
* Develop Windows Store Apps
* Discover and interact with devices
* Program User Interaction
* Enhance User Interface
* Manage Data and Security
* Prepare for Solution Deployment
Before registering for the examination, the candidate should spend more time preparing for the test. As much as possible, all the topics mentioned above should be covered in the study. That is why it is important to look for review materials that can provide updated information related to the topics. There are online vendors offering different review materials for various IT certifications. However, you need to be extra careful in making your choice because not all of them are prepared by certified professionals.
Likewise, preparing for the examination would take more time and money in purchasing high quality review materials. In the same manner, registering for the examination is also expensive. That is why as much as possible you should pass the exam even on your first try. This can only be possible if you will spend sufficient time in your review.
On the other hand, there are different options or methods of preparing for the test. You can attend training courses that gives more opportunity of passing the examination. Attending training courses allows the candidate to undergo rigorous lessons and hands-on training. This is one of the ideal options as it does not only enhance the knowledge but also improve the skills. Keep in mind that passing the 70-462 examination will lead to getting the certification that is the key in landing much better job in IT industry.

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