In terms of investment, laziness is a lovely virtue.

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From the day we were born, most of us have the conditions for permanent action. We feel that we must keep doing things. We are going to school; accepting work; making a living; building a house; doing charity; going to church endlessly. However, if it is not in real life, but at least in investment, laziness is a lovely value.

How does activity become the value of investment?

Let's take a closer look.

As in our daily lives, we tend to project the nature of the conditions of continuous action into investment. However, wisdom claims that once we invest in a carefully evaluated, we will not be disturbed for years – sometimes even decades.

On the other hand, many innocent and uninformed investors are constantly worried about their investment. This ongoing concern and tracking investment is a serious problem.

Whenever I think about this, I always remember the story of childhood, a man planting seeds and watering them regularly. But instead of simply letting the seeds sprout at their own pace, they are often worried. Finally one day I couldn’t restrain myself. He dug out the place just to make him feel depressed. The seeds have indeed sprouted and are about to break through the ground. His stupid behavior killed the life of the plant he was very concerned about. The temperament and anxiety of men in the story are the same.

More complicated is that TV channels broadcast market forecasts through TV channels. from

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 Experts are twenty-four hours a minute. This makes investors even more nervous.

Online trading facilities on laptops and mobile phones encourage nervous investors to make unreasonable things from

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buy from

 Deciding, leading to ever-changing investments.

Unfortunately, this continued investment intervention can lead to poor investment results.

So what is the solution to this regrettable state of affairs?

We need to strengthen investor awareness and education.

Investors need to understand that market volatility is natural. Even extreme market fluctuations don't have to be scared, but this is a good opportunity for further investment. Investors need to be aware that good and well-researched investments can not only regain the value lost in market adjustments, but can even climb to unremarkable heights when the market is at the opposite extreme.

Investors should learn to cultivate good temperament. They should learn to overcome the two biggest enemies of investors, from

greedy from

 with from

fear from


They need to learn to stay nervous during the stock market storm.

Perhaps even better, investors no longer read financial newspapers and watch financial TV channels – at least market-related parts.

If you look at this situation rationally, you don't have to worry about the market price of the house you invested in your life, or every minute of the business you own and operate, right? Investing in a wonderful company's shares is no different from owning your home or your business.

Here I reiterate that investing laziness is indeed a lovely value.

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